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    15 People Who Did Nothing To Deserve Being Roasted So Hard (But Still Got Roasted)

    They did nothing to deserve it!!!

    1. All this girl did was post a pic of her food and she got roasted:

    2. This guy basically woke up and was already roasted by his grandmother:

    3. This guy got rudely roasted — all for letting someone know they had the wrong number:

    4. This guy got roasted by a girl for "staring":

    5. And this student got roasted with just three letters:

    6. This daughter got burned by her mom for no reason:

    7. This son got roasted by his mom too:

    My mom just won the roast of the year award

    8. And, like, this daughter was just looking for an outfit and got roasted!

    9. This dad cleverly dragged his son after he asked for a loan:

    10. And this guy was just venting and got dragged:

    11. This person just wanted to offer some music to Wendy's but instead got owned:

    12. And this person just posted a question to his non-followers and received a savage answer:

    13. Then we have John Mayer, who posted a throwback and got mocked by Shawn Mendes.

    14. And John Legend just wanted to dance, but Chrissy had to drag him:

    15. And last but not least, this dude got roasted in the saddest way: