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    14 Fails From This Week That'll Make You Gasp At Least Once

    I have no words for the bus texts.

    1. This delivery "box":

    Twitter: @SinglexSecond

    2. This haircut (adorable, but wow):

    Twitter: @REALBURTIIS

    3. This inquiry:

    Twitter: @1amezz

    4. This scammery:

    Might put on my CV that I worked at topshop for 3 years. Who they gunna ring to check

    Twitter: @evadriscollx

    5. This teacher's fail, LOL:

    8 yo was asked to sign a contract to agree to class rules at school. She said to the teacher, "It's not a valid contract if I don't have a choice."

    Twitter: @JessPish

    6. This mindset:

    Twitter: @anubeest

    7. This aged-like-milk graphic:

    Happy 1 year anniversary to this graphic that everyone on the planet whose name wasnโ€™t Sean Hannity knew wouldnโ€™t age well

    Twitter: @ParkerMolloy

    8. This whole situation, WOW:

    LMFAOOO yโ€™all the ceo of the company i just got hired at has me blocked on here iโ€™m crying

    Twitter: @bocxtop

    9. This awkward moment, where Daniel Kaluuya almost didn't get to give an acceptance speech:

    Daniel Kaluuya wins the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture at the #GoldenGlobes!

    NBC / Twitter: @goldenglobes

    10. And this moment with Catherine O'Hara's husband, who kept playing obnoxious music mid-speech:


    11. This Tracy Morgan moment:

    Tracy Morgan trying to read the word โ€˜SOULโ€™ is the funniest thing of all time. #GoldenGlobes

    12. This habit:

    Twitter: @insaneppltweets

    13. This fridge catastrophe:

    14. And lastly, this whole moment โ€” the stealth picture-taking, the farting, the conversation, etc.:

    Twitter: @caiwoee

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