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17 Awkward Moments From The 2021 Golden Globes

A mess...

If you're like me, you love the awkward moments during award shows. And this year at the Golden Globes, due to COVID-19 restrictions/guidelines, there was no shortage of gaffes, audio problems, and classic awkward moments involving hosts, winners, losers, and presenters.

A Golden Globes trophy atop a table

Here are some of the best:

1. For starters, the preshow Golden Globes interviews were done virtually, so there was always a slight delay between question and answer:

Virtual Golden Globes interview

2. Susan Kelechi Watson did a great job hosting the preshow, but adorably introduced the show as the "Golden Gobes":

3. Like, it was super awkward when Tina called out Music as Sia and Kate Hudson watched:

4. They also dragged Emily in Paris:

Emily in pairs is nominated for best TV series, musical comedy, I cannot wait to find out which it is.

5. And James Corden:

6. And everyone — from the hosts to the presenters — called out the Hollywood Foreign Press for its lack of diversity:

Sacha Baron Cohen said, "Thank you to the all-white Hollywood Foreign Press"

7. Daniel Kaluuya won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, but was muted during his speech:

8. Then, Laura Dern was seemingly told to move on without giving Daniel his moment...

9. Then, Daniel was unmuted, and said, "You did me dirty!'

10. And Diane Warren was muted for the beginning of her acceptance speech:

Diane muted as Tracy Morgan stands on stage

11. Catherine O'Hara's husband kept playing obnoxious walk-off music during her victory speech:

12. Speaking of, there were generally just lot of technical difficulties:

Who produced the show this year? It’s not great #GoldenGlobes

Tonight is really a great night for the people who made the Emmys. #GoldenGlobes

Twitter: @lindaholmes

13. And people on Twitter criticized the walk-off music the show played:

I’m guessing the winners can’t hear the play-off music as they aren’t stopping so... can we stop the music please #GoldenGlobes ?

Ok they need to stop cutting people’s speech with that awful music. This is already awkward for everyone and they are making it worse!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ #GoldenGlobes

Twitter: @mertielicious

14. While other male nominees wore tuxes, Jeff Daniels wore a flannel:

Jeff Daniels said fuck it I’m wearing flannel #GoldenGlobes

15. Jason Sudeikis rammmmmmbled on and on during his acceptance speech:

Jason wearing a ty-dye sweatshirt

16. much so that Don Cheadle was like, "Wrap it up!"

17. And lastly, Viola Davis was seemingly caught making this face during the show:

Viola Davis is all of us watching this mess 😂😂 #GoldenGlobes

Legit all of us watching this show:

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