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Billie Joe Armstrong Of Green Day Shaded Ariana Grande And...No, Absolutely Not

STOP putting down one woman as a way to compliment another!

On Sunday, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day gave an interview with USA Today, where he talked about making music, their upcoming album, and the Grammys.

The interviewer asked, "How did you feel about Billie Eilish's Grammys sweep last week?"

"It was great. I mean, I only heard about it — actually trying to watch the Grammys is pretty brutal, but I'm stoked for her and Finneas."

"It's insanely well-deserved. Their music is very real, and you can tell it all comes from them, which is what sets it apart from what other pop acts are doing," he continued.

"It's not even comparable to think about what she does compared to someone like Ariana Grande. She's the real deal."

Hold up! I am obsessed with Billie Eilish, but we are not going to drag Miss Grande — who sadly went home empty-handed — as a way of complimenting Billie.

BOTH are insanely talented, and both would have been viable winners at the Grammys this year.

Keep in mind, Billie even thought Ariana should've won.

Like myself, people were not here for the comment:

@ThePopHub classic men behaviour: uplift a woman by bashing another woman

@knnewagb Billie Eilish loves Ariana and I'm sure if he actually cared or liked enough Billie he would know that. She's way too vocal about it for any of her fans not to know she looks up to Ariana, and I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate Armstrong putting her down

Not even that big of an Ariana fan, but this was a shitty move by Billie Joe... Why the need to compare two totally different artists, just because they're both young women?

i’m just sayin... we can’t drag billie. she literally loves ariana the same way we love her. stop comparing women in an industry that’s already shitty enough. grow up.

Anyway, Ariana and Billie, stay winning. Let's leave comparing women in 2019.