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18 Of The Best Halloween Costumes From This Weekend

Featuring memes, pop culture references, and more.

1. Taylor Swift:

✨🌈🍸 you need to calm down 🍸🌈✨

2. "Aight Imma Head Out" SpongeBob meme:

Lol my buddy was the “Aight Imma Head Out” Spongebob meme for a Halloween Party 😂 best costume of the night! 🔥 #AightImmaHeadOut #SpongebobMeme

3. aylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meme:

so about my costume last night

4. "How do you do, fellow kids?" meme:

5. Dancing kid meme:

6. Area 51:

When you work in Marketing, your Halloween theme is a meme #Area51

7. Lakynn meme:

8. "And I oop" meme:

9. T-Rex in the rain meme:

Man in T-Rex costume crying out in the rain

10. Samgyeopsal:

Going as Samgyeopsal for my second Halloween costume is the most spontaneous and unexpected thing I've done in a while. 🤪

11. Willy Wonka and Violet Beauregarde:

My aunt really just gets better each year with the girls Halloween costumes 👏🏻😂

12. Little Deloris from Sister Act:

“Rumor has it that you’re a Las Vegas showgirl?” “Let’s get one thing straight, my dear Ahmal. I am NOT nor have I ever been, a Las Vegas show girl. a headliner! 😎” My Sister Mary Clarence costume is COMPLETE! @WhoopiGoldberg

13. The Little Engine That Could:

14. Get Out characters:

My parents Get Out costume got me so weak lmao

15. Darth Vader:

16. Sticky Webb:

The simplest halloween costume you can find ✨ ig: kieraplease

17. Transformer:

What a costume, engineering and precision

18. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner:

probably the best halloween costume i’ve ever seen.

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