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    Posted on Jun 24, 2017

    11 Times Nicole Kidman Was The Undercover Queen Of Shade And Sass

    "I didn't know Keith before we met, so I couldn't be a fan."

    1. When she said Jimmy Kimmel was "not classy" and that he "fucking sucks."


    Obviously, she was joking. But still, amazing.

    2. When she shut down this question and defended her craft after the interviewer insinuated she only got up early "to do spin classes."

    3. And then when she told him he'd be an extra, if he were an actor.

    @ KIIS 1065 / Via

    4. When she iconically called out Jimmy Fallon for screwing up his chances to date her.


    5. And then shaded his apartment!


    6. Then she hilariously told Jimmy, during her next visit, that she honestly did not want to come back.


    7. When Giada De Laurentiis kept making ball jokes while making meatballs on Ellen, and Nicole made these faces behind her back:


    8. And when she iconically called Giada's pizza "a little tough."


    9. When David Letterman told the corniest joke and everyone clapped, but Nicole was far from impressed.


    *fake laughs, fake applauds*

    10. When this Vogue interviewer asked her to mime her way out of a box for one her 73 questions, and she was like "Nah."

    @Vogue /

    11. And when she accidentally "I don't know her"-ed her now husband, Keith Urban.

    @Vogue /

    Bravo, Nicole! Please, never change.


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