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Your Guide To Every April Fools' Day Prank On The Internet

It's the first of April and NOTHING is safe. Here's a guide to help you figure what is real and what is pure hogwash. Together, we can get through this.

1. The U.S. Army is planning on weaponizing cats.


2. American Eagle is selling spray-on skinny jeans.

3. YouTube reaveals it was actually just a contest to find the best video and is finally shutting down.

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4. Google Maps is adding a treasure map feature.

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5. Gmail is adding a much-needed "blue" feature.

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6. And Google is adding a search-by-smell feature called Google Nose.

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7. Sony is designing headphones for cats.

8. Scope released bacon mouthwash.

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9. Reddit's r/Murica switched to r/France.

10. Justin Bieber fans are spending the day mimicking everything Justin says and does online.

11. And One Directioners are going to break up with the band.

12. Twitter is going to ban vowels and charge you $5 to use them again.

13. Birchbox added Birchbox for actual boxes.

14. And Hulu is only advertising fake shows like Rural Juror, Itchy And Scratchy, or Inspector Spacetime


15. The Guardian released a new product that lets readers see only liberal or conservative augmented realities.

16. The Telegraph releases on article about a new "Lights Tzar."

17. Virgin announces a glass-bottom plane.

18. Ted Cruz, Senator of Texas posted this:

19. If you go to Digg and use the Konami code (up up, down down, left, right, left, right, B, A) the site will Rickroll you.

20. Canadian airline West Jet introduces their "furry family" program.

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21. Kayak has added a new "dates" section.

22. The White House released a video message from "Kid President."

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23. DeviantArt releases DeviantHEART, the online dating site for artists.

24. Imgur adds a "snail mail" feature.


25. The Pirate Bay becomes The Freedom Bay.

26. Tic Tac released a pizza flavor.

27. BMW released the P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile).

28. George Takei switched sides to Star Wars.

29. Vimeo became Vimeow.


30. Subaru released a methane-powered car.

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31. The Whole Foods' Cattle Cam, which lets you watch what you eat eat.

32. Seamless is letting you upgrade your food deliveryperson.

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33. Aer Lingus announced in-flight riverdancing, among other initiatives.

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34. And this:

35. Urban Outfitter's Maxi Tube Dress.

36. Oberlin College filled their homepage with cats.

37. Soundcloud added a "Here's the drop" feature.

38. WNYC has peep-vision, which is activated when you type peep on the homepage.


39. LA Weekly has turned into The Onion.

40. Netflix added some very specific categories:

41. Astronaut Chris Hadfield posted this photo of "space debris" to his Twitter.