The Ultimate Science Fiction And Fantasy Showdown

There can only be one. Choose wisely.

1. Coolest Space Outlaw

Captain Malcolm Reynolds vs. Han Solo
Firefly vs. Star Wars

2. Best Demon Hunters

The Winchester Brothers vs. Buffy and The Scooby Gang
Supernatural vs. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

3. Favorite Space Traveling Buddies

Captain James T. Kirk and Mister Spock vs. The Doctor And His Companion
Star Trek vs. Doctor Who

4. Best Sympathetic Alien Race

The Na’vi vs. The Prawns
Avatar vs. District 9

5. Coolest Detective

Sherlock Holmes vs. Bruce Wayne
Sherlock vs. Batman

6. Best (Worst) Robot

Bender vs. Marvin
Futurama vs. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

7. Most Badass Alien Hunter

Ripley vs. Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer
Alien vs. Predator

8. Most Badass Robot Hunter

Neo vs. Sarah Connor
The Matrix vs. The Terminator

9. Most Kickass Space Pilot

Lt. Starbuck vs. Turanga Leela
Battlestar Gallactica vs. Futurama

10. Best “Chosen One”

Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter
Star Wars vs. Harry Potter

11. Most Fearsome Robot

Daleks vs. Cylons
Doctor Who vs. Battlestar Gallactica

12. Most Out Of Their Element Adventurer

Arthur Dent vs. Frodo Baggins
Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy vs. The Lord Of The Rings

13. Deadliest Human Weapon

Leeloo vs. River Tam
The Fifth Element vs. Firefly

14. Best Sidekick Who Does All The Work

Hermoine Granger vs. Samwise Gamgee
Harry Potter vs. The Lord Of The Rings

15. Best Government Agents

Agents Mulder And Scully vs. Agents Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop
The X-Files vs. Fringe

16. Best Team

The Ponies vs. The Avengers
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic vs. The Avengers

17. Best Girl Being Fought Over By Two Guys Who Are Stupid

Bella Swan vs. Katniss Everdeen
Twilight vs. The Hunger Games

[Ed. note–It’s clearly Katniss, this one is a joke, there’s no competition]

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