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26 Wild Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fast Food

This list will both educate you and make you insatiably hungry. Proceed with caution!

1. One in every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald's

2. McDonald's is Brazil’s largest employer

3. In England you can buy a McDonald's Bacon Roll.

4. A McDonald's Corn Muffin has more Calories than a Glazed Doughnut

5. McDonald's in Germany sells beer

6. In Japan you can buy the McDonald's Bacon Potato Pie

7. Antarctica is the only continent on the planet without a McDonald's

8. In Australia because of a copyright conflict Burger King is called Hungry Jack's

9. You would need to walk for 9 miles to burn off the calories of a Double Whopper with cheese

10. Chinese Burger King's started carrying a Black Truffle Angus XT

11. Burger King made the first ever fast food attack ad in 1981 which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar

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12. Wendy’s offered the first ever value menu in 1988

13. Wendy's claims it created "the first modern-day, drive-thru window" in 1971

14. Frosties at Wendy's the Philippines come with coffee-flavored jellies in them

15. Wendy's has a 1 lb. burger not listed on the menu called the Classic Home Run

16. When KFC first translated the slogan "finger lickin' good" into Chinese, it came out as "eat your fingers off."

17. The only complete, handwritten copy of KFC's 11 herbs and spices is kept in a vault in corporate headquarters

18. In some locations you can buy 'Mashies' – balls of mashed potato cooked in batter

19. Wendy's founder Dave Thomas invented the KFC paper chicken bucket when he was a franchisee of several locations in Ohio

20. Chinese KFCs sell a porridge of rice with pork, egg, pickles and mushrooms called "Congee"

21. Colonel Sanders' full name is Harland David Sanders

22. Taco Bell has failed twice in Mexico, the second time even trying to advertise as "authentic American food"

23. In China Taco Bell is called Taco Bell Grande and serves alcoholic Margaritas

24. The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Canada are the only places where Taco Bell offers French fries

25. Chalupa is a Spanish word that means boat

26. Spanish Taco Bells sell a Chocodilla, which is a chocolate quesadilla