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16 Photos Of Chaos As New Yorkers Attempt To Get Back To Work

Across New York and New Jersey, commuters fight staggering bus lines and fuel shortages to get back to their normal lives.

1. A bus line wrapping around the Barclays Center in Brooklyn

2. The Manhattan-bound bus line in Brooklyn

3. The line for the bus outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn wrapped twice around the building

Via http://AP

4. A three-block bus line in Brooklyn

5. The line for Manhattan-bound buses in Brooklyn

6. Cars waiting for gas at a Brooklyn BP

7. A line for the ferry from Jersey City into Manhattan

8. A line for the bus over the Manhattan Bridge

9. Bus lines in Manhattan

10. A Manhattan intersection with no police, lights, or traffic signs

11. A line for a dumpster outside of a Whole Foods in lower Manhattan

12. A gas line wraps around a station in New Jersey

Via http://Getty%20Images


Via http://Getty%20Images

14. Gas lines at the Jersey Shore

15. Gas line on the Jersey Turnpike

Via http://AP

16. A man charges his phone with a generator on 14th St. in Manhattan

Via http://AP%20Photo%20/%20Louis%20Lanzano