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    24 Unanswered Questions Left By '00s Music

    Did Sisqo ever get to see that thong?

    1. Does the non-remixed version of "Ignition" actually exist?

    2. What kind of mileage did Vanessa's piano-car get?

    3. Just what exactly are we dropping "like it's hot"?

    4. Did anyone remember to wake up Green Day when October began?

    5. In which moment specifically is it best to lose one’s self?

    6. Was it worth it?

    7. Did he ever get with Stacy's Mom?

    8. Did Ludacris ever figure out her fantasy?

    9. Then who was it, Shaggy?

    10. Was My Chemical Romance ever okay???

    11. What was Nelly trying to hide with that Band-Aid?

    12. When do the Dixie Chicks think they'll be ready to make nice?

    13. Who the fuck told you that I had a boyfriend that looked like your girlfriend?

    14. How the hell did Nickelback end up like this?

    15. Did Fall Out Boy ever figure out where her boy went?

    16. Did 50 Cent ever find answers to any of his 21 questions?

    17. Was NSYNC getting paid on a bi-weekly basis?

    18. Did Michelle Branch ever find out if he's happy now?

    19. Did he ever come over to Christina's place?

    20. And can time really say if your heart grows, as your heart chose?

    21. Is Jesus licensed to drive in the United States?

    22. What happened to the hyphen in Jay Z's name?

    23. Which parts of Shakira's body can be trusted?

    24. And seriously. Where is the love?