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Most Overwrought Breakup Music Videos

Taylor Swift's juggernaut single "I Knew You Were Trouble" not only epic in the amount of different choruses and bridges, but for its angsty, passionate video, about a fictional breakup between her and some male model hired to play her beloved. However, she is not the first young songstress to use this overwrought, insufferable video concept.

robinhardwick 6 years ago

Why Don't Musical TV Shows Succeed?

With Smash on the brink of cancellation and Glee hanging on by a thread, despite a strong start, it's a wonder anyone takes a chance on a weekly musical show. Here are some past musical television bombs their creators may want you to forget.

robinhardwick 6 years ago

All The Jem & The Holograms Characters Were Actually Psychopaths

It's the classic rock 'n roll story of good vs evil...Jem & The Holograms vs. The Misfits. But with a story rife with forced servitude, child labor, homicidal urges, dual personalities, and hallucinations, it's hard to tell who in the story is actually the good guys and who was sane.

robinhardwick 6 years ago

Five Under-Appreciated Movie Musicals You Should Watch Now

In honor of the Oscars celebrating the movie musical, I wanted to give proper celebration to some more off-beat gems from the past. These never achieved large commercial or critical success, but are worth some guilty-pleasure viewing.

robinhardwick 6 years ago

The Most Insane Things That Ever Happened In The Sweet Valley High Books

Who could resist the beautiful, perfect Southern California Wakefield twins? Most teens in the nineties devoured the book series with the soft-focus covers and the endless “beautiful person problems” of the blond, perfect size six Wakefield twins. I guess with almost two hundred books in the series, I guess it's hard to think of new ideas, but these are out of control. And they all totally happened. Read more about the insanity in the new book If You Lived Here, You'd Be Perfect By Now: The Unofficial Guide to Sweet Valley High, available as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

robinhardwick 6 years ago