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Why Don't Musical TV Shows Succeed?

With Smash on the brink of cancellation and Glee hanging on by a thread, despite a strong start, it's a wonder anyone takes a chance on a weekly musical show. Here are some past musical television bombs their creators may want you to forget.

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Viva Laughlin (2007) - lasted 2 episodes

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Even Hugh Jackman couldn't save it.

Cop Rock (1990)- lasted 11 episodes

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Randy Newman actually won an Emmy for writing the theme song.

Hull High (1990)- lasted 8 episodes

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Someone thought that a musical set in high school would succeed...but only twenty years later with Glee.

Shangri-La Plaza (1990)- lasted 1 episode

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It seems 1990 was the year of the musical! This time, set in a shopping mall, starring Jan from The Office.

The Heights (1992)- lasted thirteen episodes

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This seemed like the show that would succeed, riding off the heels of the young-and-attractive-ensemble formula of Beverly Hills 90210. The fact that the show was about a band should have made the transition to singing easier, but alas no one wanted to answer the burning question of "How Do You Talk to An Angel?" The song, however, was nominated for an Emmy.

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