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Most Overwrought Breakup Music Videos

Taylor Swift's juggernaut single "I Knew You Were Trouble" not only epic in the amount of different choruses and bridges, but for its angsty, passionate video, about a fictional breakup between her and some male model hired to play her beloved. However, she is not the first young songstress to use this overwrought, insufferable video concept.

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Here's Taylor Swift's Take

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If you make it through the two minute epilogue of how Taylor knew this guy was wrong for her, and her tragic realization, you may be a better person than I. Swift goes punk rock/indie in this vid with a tattooed Brooklyn guy, and it seems they like to feed each other french fries, but alas, he gets into bar fights so it can never be.

All You Wanted- Michelle Branch

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Michelle Branch, clean-cut, former Christian Singer, is having some boy trouble. Most notably, the love of her life won't really listen to her. Good thing she has Evi's Out of This World powers to freeze time to emotionally sing hard at him. Too bad he won't hear. Try something more direct, Michelle.

My Happy Ending- Avril Lavigne

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Avril has so many of these kinds of videos, it was hard to choose.

The weird thing is, she always looks like a pre-teen, not to mention looking like a child in that tutu, so it is somewhat disturbing to see her with a guy who looks at least twenty eight. Avril and Mr. Wonderful used to have a grand old time goofing around in the supermarket and laying in bed in his shitty apartment by the railroad tracks (it has character, ok?), but then something went sour. We never really know what happened, but it's a good thing the guy has a shitty roof on his shitty apartment where Avril's band can hang waiting for her to perform for them.

Debbie Gibson- Foolish Beat

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How can you leave the Gibster sitting alone in that restaurant by herself? Have you any sense of propriety? Apparently this guy is the love of young Deborah's life because he saved her from that crazy roller skater. Too bad he stood her up.

Lindsay Lohan, "Over"

Lindsay Lohan knows Hollywood, so it's not surprising that she pulled inspiration from American Beauty, playing a girl who falls in love with her neighbor while she watches him being beat by his father. Not sure she actually finished American Beauty, because it didn't end with a pool party.

Avril Lavigne "What The Hell"

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Avril really seems to like this type of video...with product placement of her own clothing line.

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