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All The Jem & The Holograms Characters Were Actually Psychopaths

It's the classic rock 'n roll story of good vs evil...Jem & The Holograms vs. The Misfits. But with a story rife with forced servitude, child labor, homicidal urges, dual personalities, and hallucinations, it's hard to tell who in the story is actually the good guys and who was sane.

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Jem maintains two separate identities, her rock star persona and nice-girl record exec Jerrica, taking on each persona gets her what she wants.

Jerrica hides this secret from the love of her life, Rio.

Who is actually cheating with her alter ego, Jem.

...and Jem's head games literally drive Rio insane.

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The rival band to the Holograms, The Misfits, despite being super rockin'

...are sociopaths and criminals who push everyone out of the way to get what they want...

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Pzaz, the evil ringleader goes bonkers over her crush she fantasizes about being electrocuted, a marionette, a clown, and a baby doll.

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Jerrica and the Holograms foster several orphans, naming them the "Starlight Girls"

...but may really be using them for cheap labor, hosting parties, and forcing them to be fans.

Jerrica also holds a computer-generated, but sentient, woman hostage in her secret lair to call on to turn her into Jem or create holograms to deceive others.

Come to think of it, maybe The Misfits were not really the evil ones...

...were they?

Meanwhile, have a look at this amazing Jem cosplay...

...and this terrible one.

And this amazing video mash-up set to Ke$ha's "Blow".

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And always remember, Music is Magic!


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