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17 Times Spiders Tried To Ruin 2014

The eight-legged creatures have had one hell of year.

1. When a massive spider invaded a BBC news report.

2. And another attacked Ed Balls.


3. When singer Katie Melua had a spider removed from her ear.

4. And when a spider lived inside this guy and started crawling through his body.

Although a number of experts later said the red trail may have been caused by a mite rather than a spider. But still, this is not acceptable.

5. When this hellish creature appeared in someone's garden shed.

How about...NOPE.

6. When a couple's house in Bristol was overrun with these evil-looking beasts.


The chap living in the property was even bitten by the bloody things.

7. When spiders marched north.

8. When this spider appeared to have created a web so terrifying you announced you were never leaving the house again.

Russell Harding / SWNS

It turned out though that it was something of an optical illusion.

The web was still 6 foot across, mind.

9. When this terrifying monster was found living in a family's home for five years.

10. This couple who just wanted a nice cold glass of Coke and...


"Wait, how much did you drink before you spotted it?" they probably didn't dare ask each other.

11. Whatever the hell is going on here.

If you really have to find out more, go here.

12. This fresh nightmare was found inside someone's jar of cocoa. / Via Michael Slater

What the hell is wrong with the world?

13. This rather unfortunate turn of events.

14. This happened, and life was never the same again.

15. When spiders went around leaving craters in actresses' legs.

16. This headline: "Killer spider found in back garden in Kent."

Now this is a rescue, Australian red back found in Dartford today, now at our rescue.

Artisan Rare Breeds@ararebreedsFollow

Now this is a rescue, Australian red back found in Dartford today, now at our rescue.

2:30 PM - 28 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

17. And finally, when a spider ruined this selfie and all hell broke loose.

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