Guy Tries To Kill A Spider With A Lighter And Spray Paint, Burns His House Down

It’s the only way to be sure.

1. Remember the end of Arachnophobia when a massive spider scares the crap out of Jeff Daniels?

Buena Vista

Buena Vista

ID: 3404135

2. And they stare at each other…

Buena Vista

Buena Vista

ID: 3404148

3. …before Jeff sends it STRAIGHT TO HELL?

Buena Vista
ID: 3404158

4. Well sometimes reality imitates art.

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5. The man fled the house once the fire spread. The building will cost $40,000 to repair, and it’ll cost $20,000 to repair or replace its contents. And according to Komo News:

It’s unclear if the spider survived.

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