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    • raynag

      1. In the middle ages, many people died from diseases that are easy to treat in these times, and many women died in childbirth

      2. He needed to marry a woman of noble standing, being a nobleman himself, and she seemed nice enough at first

      3. It’s nonsense. It’s just for fun

      4. The glass for the slippers is enchanted. This is fantasy, after all

      5. They’re the same age as Cinderella.

      6. I always thought of him as Prince Owen (Hey, I like the name Owen)

      7. He wanted an heir to the throne

      8. She does look very different indeed. A hairdo and new clothes can do wonders

      9. Stuff

      10. Like I said, it’s fantasy.

      11-13 Again, because it’s fantasy. Anything can happen in the world of fantasy

      14. I like to think they lived out their lives bitter, lonely, and unpartnered

    • raynag

      I am a grown woman, and I have watched this movie since I was a teen (yes, a teen. I was already a teen in the 80s) and I think both it and the book on which it is based are both excellent indeed. The Nothing and the swamps are NOT metaphors for clinical depression. They are metaphors for SORROW. There is a difference. Clinical depression is a medical condition caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is a health problem, that’s all, like diabetes is a health problem. Sorrow, on the other hand, is an emotional reaction to circumstances in one’s life, like, for example, breaking up with a sweetheart or the death of a loved one. I always thought that the name Bastian gives the Empress (his mom’s name) in the movie was Martha. And I always DID wonder why the Empress was dressed like a BRIDE, of all things

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