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    23 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Do

    Tiny steps to adulthood you can take right now.

    1. Find a calendar and to-do list system that works for you and actually use it.

    2. Check your bank account.

    3. Learn all of your logins and passwords.

    4. Create a separate email account for bills/home admin.

    5. Open your bills and actually read them.

    6. Follow instructions.

    7. Show up on time.

    8. Don't snoop.

    9. If a problem could be solved by picking up your phone and placing a phone call... pick up your phone and place the damn call.

    10. Get enough sleep.

    11. Instead of saying yes to someone and then flaking, just say no up front.

    12. Respect other people when they say no to you.

    13. Learn people's names and learn to pronounce them correctly.

    14. Clean up your vocabulary.

    15. Stop losing your keys.

    16. Get a primary care physician.

    17. Knock all of your annual health care appointments out at the same time each year.

    18. Start keeping track of health-related things.

    19. Create a living will.

    20. Register to vote and then actually vote.

    21. Stop texting while driving.

    22. Mind ya business.

    23. Related: Don't be an asshole.