10 Foolproof Ways To Remember Someone’s Name

Don’t pull a John Travolta. Use these tips and tricks to remember someone’s name the first time you meet them.

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1. Say their name three times.

For repetition, three is the magic number. Saying something three times is proven to make it more memorable.

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2. Ask for a business card.

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Business cards say a lot about a person. Most importantly, their name.

3. Learn the story behind their name.

“OMG, the name Lupita is of Spanish origin and is actually short for Guadalupe? That’s so cool!!!”

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4. Write their name down.

It’s especially helpful to remember someone’s name if you intend to marry them.

5. Ask them to spell it.

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“Smith, is that S-M-Y-T-H-E ? No, I didn’t think so.”

6. Make a rhyme.

Works every time.


7. Sing the Name Game Song.

Directions are in the song lyrics. Congratulations! Now you’ll never get their name (or that song) out of your head.

9. Say their name in a weird voice.

Hey, it worked for Anna Faris.

10. When all else fails, just ask.

“Hey, I’m so sorry, I’m terrible with names. What’s your name again?” IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Better safe than sorry.


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