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    24 Minimalist Bullet Journal Layouts That'll Get You Hard

    *sighs happily for days*

    1. This beautiful weekly spread:

    2. This very simple daily:

    3. This list that's simply stunning:

    4. This no-fuss future log:

    5. A monthly goals spread that's actually #goals.

    6. This clean and bright monthly habit tracker:

    7. This monochromatic wonder:

    8. And penmanship that makes everything so pretty:

    9. This easy-to-do daily:

    10. This tidy timeline:

    11. This extremely motivational Monday:

    12. This smart future log:

    13. And this totally chill event tracker:

    14. This inspired spread:

    15. This chores tracker, which actually makes you want to do chores:

    16. And a meal plan layout that looks so doable:

    17. A no-nonsense travel log:

    18. And a perfect packing list:

    19. Hey, girl, heyyyy.

    20. You're, like, really pretty.

    21. Mmmmmmm.

    22. #blessed

    23. Oh yes.

    24. *sighs happily for days*