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    • mcartercats

      I would recommend 3 things:  1. Plan your layouts (daily or weekly) on Sunday nights. That way, you have a clear vision of your upcoming week and have plenty of time to add things you might have forgotten before. 2. The A5 dotted Leuchturm 1917 notebooks are a perfect size for a bullet journal. The dots inside are subtle and perfect for you to create any layout you want.  3. It doesn’t have to be perfect! I learned that a bujo is something I perfect myself. There are rules, but those can be bent to accommodate your personal style. Don’t worry about it being “ugly”, you have the whole notebook to play with layouts, styles, trackers, fonts, etc until you get it right. And remember to have fun with it! The more you add to it, the bigger incentive you’ll have to fill it out each week.

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