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      1. I prefer a good old fashioned Moleskine for mine, but a decent $5 model is available on sale at office supply or someplace like Target. Pretty or plain, choose something you will carry everywhere.
      2. A 5.5x8.5 inch book is big enough to not be cumbersome, but not so small you can’t read it. Or lose it. Grid or lines or blank is personal preference.
      3. Make it yours. Cross shit out, or white-out doesn’t matter. Use the base “code” or adapt it. No one else is going to be looking at it, do what works for you. You don’t cook for Instagram, don’t journal for it either.
      4. The flexibility is the best part. Need 6 pages for Tuesday? Fine. Want to write down research ideas? Great. Shopping list? Done. You are not confined to the alloted lines and spaces set up in a planner.
      5. Page number and Index. Every. Damn. Time. This is why the flexibility really works - you create the index so you can find it.
      6. Use it for everything at first l, then you will adapt it as it fits for you. Write all the reminders, song titles, directions, phone numbers, websites, paint colors, and to-dos in there. Don’t write lists elsewhere or keep 5 different notebooks. It defeats the purpose.
      7. Also avoid adding more paper to it than necessary. Too many post-its or other paper make it thicker or slips of paper can fall out and be gone into the abyss. (Moleskine has a pocket for the occasional receipt.) I did paste in a holiday calendar.
      8. Migrate. Make a point of migrating your tasks and marking them off as done or scheduled (traditional Bullet Journal “code”) and you will not lose track of tasks. It also serves as a filter: copy it more than once, you will finally do it or decide that it isn’t worth worrying about to re-write and schedule.
      9. Don’t forget that a picture can be worth a thousand words, so don’t be afraid to sketch your ideas too.
      10. Try not to think about it too much. And don’t worry about what other people do with theirs. Your system will develop.

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