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    Here's A Little Feel-Good Routine For Anyone In Need Of Some Self-Care

    Because we could all stand to just chill.

    Life these days is A Lot, yes?

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    It seems like things big and small are unraveling, and everyone is simultaneously extremely overconfident, incredibly fragile, and 100% convinced we're all doomed. And in the midst of all of the despair and the bad tweets and the bots and the mean comments and Instagram TV (literally! why!)...there is the occasional realization that you should maybe, maybe, tune out all that noise and just focusing on feeling good for a little while.

    So! Here's my go-to routine for feeling good even when everything feels kinda bad:

    1. Put clean sheets on your bed.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    Listen, I hate the act of washing my sheets and putting on a clean duvet cover as much as anyone, but I can't deny how comfortable, happy, and relaxed clean sheets make me feel.

    2. Do some kind of sweaty workout.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    Yoga, running, sex, dancing around your apartment, whatever. Even just going for a power walk or ride will often get the job done. (If you can't work out for whatever reason, feel free to skip this step!)

    3. Dry brush your skin.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    I've been dry brushing for 5+ years and it's great! I can't say that it removes cellulite, as some people claim, but it definitely removes ashiness, which is good enough for me!

    4. Take a shower.

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    And go ahead and shave while you're at it, if that's a thing you do.

    5. Moisturize your body with coconut oil.

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    Ahhh, OK, so this is when things really start to get good! Dry brushing + warm shower + coconut oil = soft skin for DAYS. (Or at least for like 24 hours.)

    6. Put on a robe.

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    Most days, I don't bother with a robe after my shower; I just stay in my towel for a few and then get dressed. But on the days when I'm taking things to the next level, I always make time for it. You can wear any style of robe, as long as whatever you're wearing brings you joy and makes it easier to be underwear-free and feel the breeze across your well-moisturized ass and thighs for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. (If you don't have a robe, just lounge in your towel for a bit.)

    7. Get dressed in some comfy clean clothes.

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    Once your coconut oil has been absorbed and/or you're starting to get cold, it's time to get dressed! Now listen: We all have that pile of recently-worn clothes in that we pull from regularly, maybe even more than we pull from our actual closets. There are very few occasions when I'd recommend not drawing from that pile, but your wedding day, *some* job interviews, and this, the day you're completing my eight-step program to feeling good, are on that very short list. You're going to want something that's fresh — not wrinkled (I know, I know), not covered in pet hair, and that doesn't need to be subjected to a smell test.

    Beyond avoiding the "semi-clean-ish" pile, opt for stuff that's super soft and just makes you feel good when you wear it. I have found a lot of success by wearing one item that's rather loose and comfy plus one thing that's really tight and comfy. (So a really soft long-sleeved T-shirt + my favorite leggings OR my favorite lounge pants plus a tight tank.) Other times I go entirely in one direction (all tight or all loose). I know that tight clothing seems sort of at odds with our plan for maximum comfort, but I've found that tight, stretchy clothes can actually be sort of great — it's like a human Thundershirt!

    8. Retire to either the couch or to your bed.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    You've done it! Your body is ready. Now it's time to luxuriate in your heightened state of comfort. Light the nice candle, read a great book, do your nails, get stoned and watch Planet Earth, meditate, work on a puzzle, write in your heartsong journal...whatever pleases your soul. For the next few hours, things are gonna feel OK.

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