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    Just 26 Great Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend, Brother, Husband, Son, Or Dad

    (Or your girlfriend, sister, wife, daughter, or mom!!!)

    Gender is a construct!!! Let's go shopping!!!

    1. A great book about being a good human at work.

    2. A 6-foot charging cable.

    3. A couple of smart plugs.

    4. A stylish deck of cards.

    5. Some minty-fresh toothpicks.

    6. A new pillow.

    7. A book of 50 difficult crossword puzzles.

    8. A nice puzzle and a puzzle mat.

    9. A pair of compression socks that are perfect for travelers, nurses, athletes, teachers, and people who work in restaurants.

    10. A handheld fabric steamer.

    11. An encyclopedia of all things home.

    12. A blind-spot mirror.

    13. A classy and practical dot grid notebook.

    14. A cozy and classic college or team sweater.

    15. A neck, back, and shoulder massager.

    16. Some good knee pads.

    17. A shaving cream that feels *Italian chef kissing fingers gesture*.

    18. A clay mask that basically vacuums out pores.

    19. An organic face oil that reduces redness and breakouts and soothes dry skin.

    20. A countertop greenhouse that is perfect for anyone who likes to cook or who wants to start a garden.

    21. A fascinating book that will inspire more meaningful meetups.

    22. A bamboo Squatty Potty.

    23. An unfussy candle.

    24. Some cozy work socks.

    25. A couple of charcoal-infused bath towels.

    26. And a book that'll help them connect with the natural world more.