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    11 Things To Try In September

    Because we tried them for you in August.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An affordable Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker that will help you make fresh-but-not-watered-down iced coffee every morning in just four minutes! And if you're anything like me and my iced coffee habit, at just $25 it'll probably save you some $$ along the way.


    The iced coffee maker set includes a scoop for measuring, a reusable mesh filter, and a tumbler!

    "I am OBSESSED with this coffee maker, and I have been recommending it to any of my friends who will listen. It is probably one of my favorite purchases I have made in my adult life. For someone who drinks iced coffee daily this is perfect. For just $25 you get the ice coffee machine, a reusable coffee filter, a measuring scoop, and an insulated tumbler.

    "I wasn't sure about this at first because I have tried other methods of making iced coffee/cold brew and they were always watered down, hard to make, took too long, or were not as fresh as I would have liked. However, this machine makes FRESH Iced coffee in under four minutes and not once has it tasted watered down in the six months I have had it. It is extremely user friendly because all you do is pour water in, add your favorite coffee into the reusable (environmentally friendly) coffee filter using the measuring scoop, add ice to the insulated tumbler, and press the start button. Add your favorite creamers and flavors etc. and you're ready to go. The tumbler keeps the coffee cold for a very long time as well! It is really simple to clean and fits into my car cup holders perfectly. I use it every single day and by not having to go to Starbucks or Dunkin' I have saved soooo much money and plastic.

    "I highly recommend this to iced coffee lovers. I promise you won't regret it and I wish more people were talking about this! It also comes in like four aesthetically pleasing colors and takes up like zero counter space. Run, don't walk, to buy this coffee maker!" —Darragh Geraghty-Liaskos

    Get it from Target for $24.99 (originally $29.99, available in four colors).

    2. A Philodendron (playfully named "Larry") from Rooted so you can grow your collection of plants and add a little greenery and cheer to your space.

    Christine Forbes / BuzzFeed

    Rooted is an AAPI-owned small business based in New York.

    "This philodendron is the obvious star of my living room, and I got it from Rooted. As a part-time gardener, I know buying plants online can feel so risky. You don't get to see the nursery conditions, shipping can shock plants, and then there's...potential pests. I consistently shop at Rooted because they ship super fast and they've never sent me an infested plant. Plus, they have a really responsive support service that can help you keep your babies alive. Larry is massive so I let him dry out completely (he gets droopy) before I place him in the shower for a watering/bath. Yes, you should be rinsing your plant's leaves to remove pests. Not doing so routinely is a rookie mistake, don't say I didn't warn you!" —Christine Forbes

    Get it from Rooted for $99.

    3. Paula's Choice Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen that gives you SPF 30 protection without the heavy feel and odd smell that usually comes along with sun protection. If you haven't incorporated SPF into your daily skincare routine yet, it's probably about time.

    buzzfeed editor holding blue bottle of sunscreen
    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    The sunscreen is cruelty-free and fragrance-free. 

    "I am absolutely obsessed with Paula's Choice Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense sunscreen. When I tell you that I have been searching for something exactly like this for years I am not exaggerating. I, of course, want to wear sunscreen daily. But I also really, really hate the heavy, sticky feeling that 95% of facial sunscreens or BB/CC creams come with. If it's not a heavy, sticky feeling it's a smell that bugs me all day long. I still wore it! I dealt with it! But until I found this product, I was simply forcing myself to apply it every day and not enjoying the process. I'm dramatic! What can I say?! But this stuff genuinely feels magical? It isn't heavy, it doesn't have a particular smell, and it's lightweight enough that on days when I want more coverage/better-looking skin I can easily layer a BB cream or some sort of foundation over it and still know I am protecting my face from that mean old sun's rays. I got my first bottle of this a little over two months ago and am now ready to purchase my second bottle. I will never look back." —Lara Parker

    Get it from Sephora for $33 or Paula's Choice for $10+ (available in two sizes). 

    4. Some Nick's Swedish-style ice cream sandwiches because it's always nice to know you have a sweet treat to nosh on in the freezer, especially when that treat involves soft cookies and rich ice cream with — get this — no added sugar.

    buzzfeed editor holding nick's ice cream cookie sandwich in plastic packaging
    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Nick's has no added sugar and is keto-friendly. 

    "You might have heard of the legendary Swedish-style ice cream, supposedly just as creamy and rich as American ice cream, but with a lighter taste and natural sweeteners. Readers, I have tried this fabled ice cream, and can confirm it is a culinary delight. Thanks to Nick's, an online Swedish ice cream retailer, I was able to try it in vanilla and crammed between two chewy chocolate chip cookies. Each bite was a body-melting, euphoric experience. So chewy! So creamy! Pure decadence. The sandwiches are huge, so I like to keep them in the freezer and take sporadic bites for quick pick-me-ups throughout the day. If you love a good chewy treat, this one can't be beat! It does have a coconut-y aftertaste, but I consider this a perk not a flaw." —Rebecca O'Connell

    Get it from Nick's for $6.99+ (available in pack of one to eight sandwiches). 

    5. A vegan leather card case to keep all of your most-needed items safe in one simple, pretty, pocket-sized place.

    Anna Kopsky / BuzzFeed

    “I am honestly the worst when it comes to carrying my credit card around on a night out — I have been known to wrap my credit card and my ID in a rubber band and just shove it in my pocket. Embarrassing, I know, but all of my wallets are just too big and I never liked the idea of a money clip. Using this, however, has made my nights out where I don’t wanna carry a purse to be much more classy, obviously.

    "This is small enough to fit into my pocket, but not bulky, and I am not worried that my cards will fall out. There is also a little keychain hook so I can attach it to my keys. Even better, this is made of vegan leather instead of animal, so I feel better using it. I just love this thing, and if you’re someone like me who just risked it all when I didn’t feel like lugging a full-on wallet around, this is the thing for you.” —Anna Kopsky

    Get it from Notiq for $35.

    6. A light, fresh bottle of Risata Moscato d'Asti for sipping on while enjoying the final stretch of summer. This crisp, sweet moscato was made for sharing with a few friends on a rooftop in September.

    blue bottle of moscato next to a slice of tiramisu

    "Admittedly, I'm a bit of a wine kindergartener but I really love Risata Moscato D'Asti. I had it on a sweltering summer day and it was absolutely delicious. I almost finished the bottle in on sitting — it was so tasty. This Moscato isn't overly sweet but it's definitely a warm-weather dessert wine. Every time I serve it, people can't stop talking about how good it tastes. I'd definitely purchase it again." —Christine Forbes

    Get it from Drizly for $14.99

    7. A set of four tall glasses perfect for water, juice, a lil' cocktail, or whatever bevvy strikes your fancy. It's just nice to have some high-quality basics in your cabinets.

    set of four clear tall classes

    "I'm pretty hard on my drinkware but Leeway's tall glasses have survived without a single crack. Beyond being sturdy, they're simply gorgeous to look at. My guests always ask where my glasses came from and I'm seriously considering buying the short ones. They come in a pack of four which is perfect because I live alone." —Christine Forbes

    Get a set of four from Leeway for $50

    8. A handsome sofa with a chaise that's customizable in pretty much every which way, ensuring it'll fit your space perfectly.

    green couch with rectangular arms and a chaise
    Christine Forbes / BuzzFeed

    "I got my first sofa from Benchmade Modern and I'm so happy I did. There are so many logistics that go into purchasing a couch. It's likely among the most expensive pieces of furniture in your home so naturally, you want to get it *right*. Getting a custom couch from Benchmade allowed me to figure out exactly what I wanted. 

    "First, you'll order free swatches so you can choose your preferred weave and color. Once you decide on a fabric, you can select your dimensions with the tools on Benchmade's website. At first, I thought I wanted an 105" couch with a chaise on the left. Oh, how wrong I was. Benchmade sent a scale printout of the couch just so I'd know precisely how it'd look in my space. Once the printout arrived, I immediately changed my preferences. I ordered a 110", Trillium, Charles Basil couch with a right chaise. Then Benchmade built and sewed the couch and gave plenty of updates on its completion. It took four to six weeks, give or take. The delivery process was seamless. I was eager to get the couch so I called and scheduled my delivery. 

    "The morning of, the company called to confirm they were 20 minutes away. Unboxing the sectional was simple enough. The extent of 'assembly' was screwing in the legs and pushing the chaise to the couch. It easily clicked into place. I was immediately overwhelmed by how perfect the couch was. It's large enough to fill the room without being overwhelming. A lot of couches on the market lean cool neutral but Benchmade has so many options across the color wheel. I chose a really neutral shade of green that's not too blue. Once I sat on it, I didn't move for a good 12 hours. It was that comfortable. Yet, it's been firm enough to keep its shape. If things ever go wrong, it's nice to know that Benchmade has a lifetime warranty. Fortunately, my first couch should be my last one." —Christine Forbes

    Get it from Benchmade Modern for $4,689+ (originally $5,861+). 

    9. A Chomper Labs Hybrid Night Guard to protect your pearly whites if you grind and clench your teeth while sleeping. Something to smile about? No dentist visit to make the mold (you do it at home and mail it in) and some extra savings back in your pocket.

    John Mihaly via Chomper Labs, John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

    "I'm a teeth grinder, especially at night while I sleep. It's an issue, one that I've dealt with by using the same old night guard my dentist made for me (which required multiple visits) many years ago. It was expensive and time consuming then and it's even more expensive now to replace (and not readily covered by insurance).

    "So when Chomper Labs offered to let me test out a night guard, I couldn't pass up the opportunity...and it couldn't have been easier! They send you an impression kit that contains a base and a catalyst putty and two different-size trays for your teeth. Spend a minute mixing the putty together, fit it in the tray, then chomp down and hold for three minutes (it's more detailed than that but you get the impression, heh). When you're done, rinse and air-dry the tray with the putty impression, pop it into the prepaid mailing envelope, and ship it! (Turnaround time varies).

    "When my new upper teeth Hybrid Night Guard (for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching) arrived I couldn't believe how light and small it was compared to my old guard. Soft on the inside and hard on the outside, it fit perfectly and didn't taste weird (even after wearing it all night). I also wear it a lot more because of these very reasons and it's helped quite a bit with my grinding (cue that Clipse track). They even included some 'fizzie' cleaning tablets and a carrying case." —John Mihaly

    Get it from Chomper Labs for $149+ (available in four types in both upper and lower).

    10. An elevated basic ribbed tank that you'll find yourself reaching for on the daily thanks to its supportive-yet-light feel and endless outfit combos.

    AnaMaria Glavan /BuzzFeed

    "I am a proud outfit repeater. I will wear the heck out of something if the quality is good, and would gladly tell Kate Saunders to go to…not heaven if she made me feel bad about it. Investing in staple pieces that will become the bread and butter of my wardrobe? Expensive up front, but truly pays off in the long run! Like, I haven’t had to replace a pair of jeans in a very long time (cc: the Madewell curvy jeans I adore and write about with relish). Anyways, the following is my love letter to the entire Aritzia Sculpt Knit collection.

    "Basically, Aritzia has this magical line called the Sculpt Knit collection which offers several silhouettes and styles: think tanks and tees that range from everyday basic to slightly more dressy, and I’m convinced that every piece is woven with unicorn hair and fairy dust. The fabric is fantastic. It’s *slightly* stretchy yet compressive enough that you feel supported, the material is thicker and not see-through but — and this blows my mind — still manages to be lightweight. I wore this white tank in Orlando under the hot Florida sun all day and, while I was sweating profusely due it being 100 degrees, it didn’t feel clingy or wet. Plus, their basic tank (which comes in a cropped or classic length) has wider straps, which means you can wear underwire and nothing will peek through. I own this top in a cap sleeve, long sleeve, the basic tank, and the high-neck tank and I wear each one with alarming frequency.

    "I personally bought a size down for a more compressive fit and it feels truly chefs kiss, plus it feels supportive enough that I can venture out without a bra if I so choose (I wear a 34DD). The collection starts at $48 which is pricey for a “basic” but my my my, it’s worth the extra few bucks. And other reviews love the collection just as much as I do." —AnaMaria Glavan

    Get the tank from Aritzia for $58 (available in sizes 2XS–XL and six colors) and shop the entire collection here.

    11. Shani Daren Skin Care Cleansing Serum that could be perfect for anyone looking to add a little oomph to the cleansing portion of their routine. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and oat bran extract, it'll help your skin retain moisture while removing makeup and impurities.

    buzzfeeder holding bottle of cleansing serum
    Tafi Mukunyadzi / BuzzFeed

    The cleansing serum is paraben free, sulfate free, and fragrance free.

    "The face wash leaves my face feeling extremely clean, but not tight or dried out. I’ve been on the hunt for a new gentle, but effective, cleanser and this one is exactly what I’ve been looking for, especially since I’m starting to wear makeup again. The serum’s texture is very silky and lathers nicely. I actually look forward to washing my face because it feels so luxe and great on my skin. A little goes a long way, which is a bonus." —Tafi Mukunyadzi

    Get it from Sephora for $38.

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