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    27 Summer Basics You'll Probably Wear For Years To Come

    Easy breezy shorts, tops, and dresses you'll reach for again and again.

    1. A pair of classic denim shorts you'll wanna wear all the time to nail your casual summer look. Go ahead and throw a housewarming party — you live in these shorts now.

    2. A one-shoulder bodysuit that perfectly blends boldness and simplicity — all while keeping you from getting too warm in the hot summer sun.

    model in tight black one-shoulder bodysuit

    3. A spaghetti-strap jumpsuit for anyone who wants a fantastic outfit on demand. On-trend but subtle, you'll be able to rock this for years to come and always be the most fashionable person in the room.

    model in kelly green jumpsuit with waist tie

    4. A breezy tank dress that, dressed up or down, is a killer comfy fit. It's as simple as that.

    5. A layered babydoll dress for happily flouncing about whenever there's warm sunny weather.

    6. A breathable tank top with a mesh V-back to keep your back nice and cool during intense summer workouts.

    7. A scuba knit crop top and midi skirt set for rocking together or in an infinite number of combinations with the rest of your wardrobe.

    model in tight black tank crop top and black high-waisted midi skirt

    8. A midi-length wrap dress in a cotton and linen blend whose breezy feel and irresistible creamsicle color will make it your most prized summer dress.

    9. A classic Levi's denim jacket to pop on over any and every outfit to give it a little more oomph.

    reviewer in dark wash denim jacket over a t-shirt with jeans

    10. A tailored linen shirt sure to be a staple in your warm-weather wardrobe.

    model in pink button up shirt

    11. Tencel trouser shorts for anyone who wants to look jaunty while also having fun and the sun.

    12. A V-neck cutout tee so your classic T-shirt and shorts look has a new twist with literally zero effort.

    model in tan crewneck tee with v-shaped chest cutout

    13. A striped maxi dress you can throw on for almost any occasion. From errands to outdoor BBQs, this'll be your new summer go-to.

    14. A lightweight coverup-slash-dress that will be exactly what you want to slip on when the temps hit the 90s, even if you plan on being inside most of the day, because it's 55% linen.

    model in yellow midi t-shirt tank dress

    15. A tank top with a twist-knot hem so you always have the ultimate layering piece at your disposal. Under button-ups or jackets or with jeans and bold jewelry, this tank is here for ya.

    16. A pair of stylish casual shorts that are a great alternative for anyone who can't stand the feel of tight denim shorts.

    A model wears the shorts; her hands in the pockets

    17. An Outdoor Voices exercise dress with built-in shorts that let you move freely and stay covered while running, hiking, or — if you're me — fake mooning your friends on the trail. A personal outdoor staple.

    18. A flowing halter dress that screams "summer" so loud it's tbh hurting my ears!

    19. A lace-trim bodysuit for anyone who's tired of tucking camis into jeans and shorts only to have them bunch up — problem (fashionably) solved!

    black cami bodysuit with lace trim and little buttons to the naval

    20. A pleated midi skirt you can pair with any light top in your closet and automatically look put-together.

    21. A pima cotton knot-front crop top that'll keep you stylish while you're working out or will just look great with high-waisted pants. Or both!

    22. A Patagonia jumpsuit made entirely out of running shorts material so you can have that cool, breezy feel all over. Whether you're camping and hiking or just boppin' around, this is a functional *and* adorable piece.

    23. An oversized hoodie perfect for chilly summer nights or snuggling up all year 'round.

    24. A gauzy mini dress that'll encourage you to skip and frolic through any open field you come across.

    model wears thigh length spaghetti strap dress in field

    25. A pair of trail-ready shorts, because everyone needs go-to pair of lightweight, stretchy shorts for all of their summer journeys.

    model in olive green  knee-length shorts with many pockets and an adjustable waist

    26. A satin dress with a lovely drape and classic V-neck that makes it a perfect minimalist investment piece both for warm months and all year when paired with tights and a leather jacket.

    model in black midi dress with elbow length sleeves

    27. High-waisted yoga pants equally suited for a grand hiking adventure *or* lounging in the house enjoying AC. Either way, they have deep side pockets for snacks.

    Stay ~cool~ in your summer basics, everyone!

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