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    40 Products With Before-And-After Photos That'll Practically Make Your Head Spin

    All of these before-and-after photos deserve Pulitzers, imho.

    1. A pack of silver polish wipes to easily restore your tarnished jewelry and silverware to their original state. Shine on, you crazy spoons.

    2. An ink remover for fixing the greatest writing mistake of all: dropping your pen tip-side down on your pants. Where my clumsy nerds at? *Raises own hand slowly*

    on the left yellow fabric with "evan" written in marker on it, and on the right the same fabric with no marker and a bottle of amodex ink remover in the background

    3. A wood polish and conditioner with beeswax and orange oil to hide dings and scratches, add some healthy natural luster to your dull antiques, and overall give all the wood items you own new life!

    4. A shoe shining kit so you can get your leather shoes back in stomping and kicking shape. Or twirling and dancing shape if that's more your speed.

    5. A tongue scraper, because residue on your tongue may be the only thing standing between you and fresh breath.

    6. Tend Skin Solution for showing ingrown hairs and razor bumps who's boss. Those suckers hurt and do not deserve mercy.

    7. A three-piece produce storage container set to keep all of your berries and greens as fresh as when they left the ground. Now you can eat on your schedule without bending your menu to the will of a strawberry.

    on the left, an old smushed strawberry labeled "from original container" and on the right a fresh-looking strawberry labeled "stored in produce saver"

    8. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets so you can rescue all the tumblers you've let sit for too long from the moldy state. It happens to the best of us, but there's finally an easy solution!

    Split into three sections: in the first labeled "Before" there's the inside of a dirty, stained tumbler, the middle labeled "During" the tumbler is soapy, in the third, labeled "after," the tumbler is clean inside.

    9. A red-wine stain remover that proves there's no use crying over spilled merlot (that's a phrase, right?). Just spritz, wipe, and pour yourself a new glass.

    10. A bottle of pet earwax cleaner so your pet can clearly hear you say "I love you" 10,000 times every day.

    11. A pet hair vacuum to give all of your fuzz-covered furniture a new life. The hair is pretty much the ONLY negative thing about having a furry friend, and with this trusty vacuum, it's no longer an issue.

    12. A cable protector to keep all of your precious electronics safe from wear and tear. If I ever have to buy a new charging cord again, I'm honestly going to throw a temper tantrum.

    on the left, product in packaging labeled "Twist cable protector" on the bottom right a frayed cord labeled "before" and on the top right an unfrayed cord with the protector labeled "after"

    13. A grout pen so you can make your grout appear brand new. *Wipes a single tear* Your mom would be so proud.

    14. A vitamin C serum that'll lessen dark circles, sun spots, redness, and breakouts — the perfect beginner product for anyone trying to get into the skincare and serum game.

    on the left a face with some breakouts and on the right the same face with the breakouts gone

    15. A cleanser and polishing powder that will give all of your tarnished cookware an America's Next Top Model-level makeover.

    16. A jewelry cleaning pen to keep your diamonds shining bright like...well...a diamond. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    on the left a cloudy diamond labeled "before" and on the right the same diamond clear labeled "after"

    17. An eyeshadow primer so the look you spent so long on this morning can stay in ~prime~ condition all the live long day. In this case, the magic of the before and after is how GOOD THEY BOTH LOOK!

    18. An itsy-bitsy toenail brace that fixes ingrown and curved toenails like it's no big deal. Pop on these little vices and let them get to work!

    19. A hanger stacker to keep your closet or bedroom floor from looking like a game of pick up sticks. Your room deserves this level of before and after after all the mess you've subjected it to.

    20. A pot of Hard As Hoof nail strengthening cream that fortifies your nails and keeps them from breaking, splitting, or peeling. Surprise! Your Instagram is going to be a nail art account now.

    21. A carousel makeup organizer to take your countertop from messy and stressy to pretty as can be.

    22. A John Frieda Hot Air Brush so you can have the "before" and "after" on your head at the same time. Snap a pic before finishing that easy blowout and heading out to enjoy your sweet life as a walking "After" pic.

    person with half a head of long curly brown hair and half a head of long straight hair

    23. A set of three scrubbing drill brush attachments that will remind you that WHOA, that glass wasn't opaque when you moved in. Yeah, let's fix that.

    yellow brush attached to a drill in front of a glass shower wall that's half cloudy and half clear after having been cleaned with the brush

    24. A watermark-removing cloth for getting rid of those stubborn rings with mere swipes. Have fun putting down a wet glass and vanishing it over and over — your new magic trick!

    25. A headlight wipe kit, because you know what they say: The headlights are the windows to the soul of the car. Better keep them clean!

    26. A Clorox toilet cleaning kit that — let's be honest — you probably should've gotten a long time ago. But hey, that's OK, better late than never!

    on the left a toilet bowl caked with brown crud, on the right the same toilet cleaned and white

    27. A rust-stain removing gel that'll return any stubborn, rusted surface in your home to its former glory. *Cher voice* "If i could turn back tiiiime!"

    28. A makeup brush shampoo so you can turn into the kind of person who actually cleans their brushes. Once you see the results, you'll be caking on the blush just so you can give 'em a wash again.

    29. A ceramic-stovetop cleaning kit that's like the undo button for cooktop errors. This high-maintenance appliance doesn't get to stress you out anymore.

    30. A bottle of dandruff shampoo so you don't have to go about your day stressing about any flakes that may be visible in your hair. Even though everyone gets dandruff and it's no big deal, it can get stressful when it feels out of your control!

    on the left a closeup of a scalp with brown hair and a lot of dandruff and on the right the same scalp with no dandruff

    31. An all-purpose car cleaner for maintaining your vehicle's leather, vinyl, carpet, upholstery, plastic, and rubber. Go ahead and have that backseat food fight, kids. It'll all come out.

    32. A dry shampoo powder that'll freshen up your oily lil' head, to avoid washing your hair for one more glorious day.

    on the left a close-up of someone's bangs looking greasy and the right side is the same bangs looking clean and fresh

    33. A pack of Mighty Patches to pull stubborn pus and sebum out from inside of your breakouts. If only every problem could be solved with a sticker.

    on the right a face pimple with a clear pimple patch on it, on the left the same face where the patch is full of white sebum

    34. An electric pressure washer so you can be the star of your own ~satisfying things~ video. Have fun pressure-washing basically everything you own just to see what happens!

    35. A stainless-steel cleaner to get all of your gorgeous appliances back to the level of luster they deserve. Just keep the spray bottle handy in the kitchen for quick touch-ups whenever you want to give your kitchen a little love.

    36. A cast-iron scrubber, because there are two simultaneous truths about cast-irons: they are one of the best things for cooking and one of the worst things when it comes to cleaning. This chain mail tool will help you scrape off any leftover bits of food without removing that seasoning you've worked so hard to cultivate.