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    26 Gifts From Amazon That College Students Will Want To Add To Their Wish List

    Extra caffeinated coffee, trendy accessories, my personal favorite headphones, and so much more.

    1. An Instagram-famous JW Pei Gabbi handbag whose scrunched handle, vegan leather, and rad selection of colors have made it the handbag of the moment. I mean...look at it! Just plain cool.

    buzzfeed editor's bag in orange

    2. A vacuum-insulated thermos to keep your coffee hot all day, at long last. Bonus points for filling this up in the dining hall and hoping nobody sees — not that I ever did that or anything 😏

    3. Or a bag of Death Wish Coffee if weak dining hall coffee just hasn't been cutting it for you. Brew up some of this super-strong java and watch as those term papers practically write themselves.

    bag of coffee with a skull and crossbones on it

    4. A pair of tie-dye socks to rock with any and every pair of shoes you have from Docs to Crocks. College is famously a time of figuring out who you are, starting with if you're a tie-dye person.

    model in purple and pink tie-dye crew socks paired with block heels

    5. A set of sprout bookmarks so being only 15 pages into a through a dense volume you need to finish is at *least* adorable.

    the little sprout bookmarks in several books from a reviewer

    6. An Instax instant camera to capture fun times with new friends — any party with an Instax is a fun one in my book.

    reviweer holding lavender Instax camera

    7. A Fjallraven Kanken backpack if you're in need of an impressively chic daypack that's suited for class and off-campus adventures alike.

    reviewer's mustard yellow rectangular backpack

    8. A weighted blanket to help you snooze in peace. A ton of folks find that the weight relaxes them, making their sleep deeper and more restful. I think we could all use deeper sleep, especially in college, don't you?

    reviewer under a grey weighted blanket

    9. A string light curtain to help jazz up the white cinder block shoebox affectionately known as a "dorm" you now spend all of your time in. One semester with no decorations was enough!

    reviewer's yellow-toned string light curtain behind their bed

    10. A cold brew pitcher so you can save a little money by making your own chilled bean juice right in your mini fridge. All you'll need to do is put grounds into the filter, add some water, let it sit overnight, and enjoy.

    11. A pair of wireless Marshall Major IV headphones if you're interested in a non-noise-cancelling, on-ear option that have 80 — yes, 80 — hours of playtime on a single charge. I'll say it: These are the greatest headphones I have ever used. I am constantly listening to something, so only having to charge these every few weeks is amazing. And because they're Marshall brand, the sound quality is top-notch. I can barely think of one downside to these, so they're 100% worth a spot on the wish list.

    12. A desktop shelf and organizer so you can keep your desk tidy *and* display cute pictures and keepsakes at the same time. We love a practical gift around here.

    the light wood desk organizer holding various knickknacks on a desk with notebooks

    13. A cute moon phase garland to hang above your desk so the moon can keep you company as you work on late-night homework.

    14. A set of 72 high-quality Prismacolor colored pencils, because you've been working hard and deserve to flex your creative muscles and relax. Prismacolor pencils are a joy to play around with — they're super smooth and pigmented and are just plain nice.

    reviewers set of 72 colored pencils in their storage trays

    15. An Amazon-famous thickened-down jacket for anyone who goes to school in a wintery town and is sick and tired of shivering as they scurry from class to class.

    16. A wireless karaoke mic to liven up any party you bring it to. There's no way your rendition of "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch won't make you a few new friends for life.

    a reviewer holding the gold karaoke mic

    17. A four-pack of matte hair claws so you can always have a simple, quick, and trendy way to get your hair out of your face before running to class.

    18. An adjustable satin-lined beanie for keeping your hair protected and happy no matter how hard the weather tries to interfere or how little time you have to do it in the morning. Whether you're trying to keep straight hair smooth or retain moisture in your curls, this is your cap!

    19. A Yahtzee Cup Noodles game that yes is a little on the nose for college, but have you played Yahtzee lately? It's so fun! And a novelty set of it? Incredible, in my opinion.

    20. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses that could help reduce eye strain and other issues caused by staring at your computer or phone all day. Now at least that 10-page term paper likely isn't accompanied by a grueling headache.

    21. A handheld milk frother for anyone who wants to be their own barista and add a nice little dab of foam to their DIY coffee. Yum!

    22. A tube of Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen that makes wearing daily SPF less of a greasy inconvenience. It's nearly weightless and is great on its own or acts as a lovely primer if you want to layer makeup over it. Sunscreen is an essential skincare step, and this splurge-worthy option is perfect to ask for as a gift.

    buzzfeed editor holding the 1.7oz bottle with  dab of translucent sunscreen captioned "perfect makeup primer, smooth, invisible finish, as non-greasy as sunscreen gets"

    23. A Porter Bowl so you can easily take lunches on the go (and maybe sneak a bowl of pasta out of the dining hall when nobody is looking...I won't tell).

    green porter bowl full salad

    24. The Voting Game, a card game that makes fun out of intimately knowing your friends' personalities. My roommate and I called this "The Friendship Ender," but still broke it out every time we had people over. What's college without some playful DRAMA?!

    the game's prompt cards and voting cards laid out

    25. A set of custom stickers if you've really been missing your pets or best friends from home. Now they can tag along with you on your laptop, water bottle, binder, anything!

    hand holding a small sticker of a dog's face with a full sheet of the same sticker under it

    26. A sketchbook and charcoal pencil set so you can translate the beautiful world around you onto the page... or at least look very cool and artistic while sitting in the quad doing so.

    Mmmk, hope you had fun reading get back to studying for finals!

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