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    FitFlop's Sale Is Up To 60% Off — Plus Another 25% Off With BuzzFeed's Exclusive Code

    You'll be scoring incredibly comfortable shoes *and* saving money.

    Listen, while there are tons of deals happening all over the internet right now, very few compare to the steals happening at FitFlop at this exact moment. Right now you can score up to 60% off select styles, plus an extra 25% off at checkout with the exclusive code BUZZ25.

    The sale lasts through January 17, but styles will probably go fast — below are some of the amazing, comfortable shoes you can score:

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A leather ankle boot with a knot detail so versatile, you can easily wear them with any outfit. The best part? They're designed not to cause you any foot pain, even after you wear them ~all~ day.

    2. A pair of shimmer-back leather sneakers to wear with your favorite jeans and t-shirt. Plus, they check every single box. Cute? Check. Affordable? Check. Actually comfortable? Check.

    3. A croc-embossed leather ballet flat so chic, it'll look good both dressed up or down. The styling opportunities are ~truly~ endless.

    4. A leather loafer with chain detailing so sleek, versatile, and comfy, you'll have difficulty NOT wearing them every day.

    5. A croc-embossed leather ankle boot that needs to be added to your wardrobe ASAP. Plus, they are so comfortable, you might forget that you're actually wearing shoes.

    6. A mesh sneaker reviewers rave are extremely lightweight with zero discomfort in sight. Basically, you'll feel like you're wearing pillows on your feet.

    the mesh sneaker in urban white

    7. A soft-leather ballet flat that will become a staple in your wardrobe. Truthfully, you can never go wrong with a classic comfortable flat.

    the flat in stone

    8. A wool-lined suede ankle boot for upgrading your winter attire and working the hiker boot trend. I mean, seriously, don't you want to look chic while it's freezing outside?

    the boots in navy with orange laces

    9. A textured knee-high faux-leather boot that will pretty much never go out of style. Comfortable and classic? Yes, please.

    the boot

    10. A suede ankle boot for adding a stylish flair to your usual winter wardrobe of all black. So sleek and comfy, you'll want to buy them in all three colors.

    the boots in tan

    11. A leather back-strap sandal with stud detailing for a comfy summery style that can be worn on every single early morning beach walk. You won't have to sacrifice style for comfort here, folks.

    the sandal in black

    12. A knee-high leather boot that feels both fashion-forward and vintage while still remaining the epitome of comfort.

    the boots in black

    13. A lizard-embossed leather ankle boot with metallic detailing that will 100% become your go-to bootie. Plus, they look ~way~ more expensive than they really are.

    the boot in black

    14. A high-top leather sneaker with a shimmer back practically made for looking cute on the go. Do I really need to say more? They are fabulous!

    So, what are you waiting for? Go snag these amazing styles and more right now! The FitFlop up to 60% off sale is running now through January 17. And, don't forget you can score an additional 25% off with the code BUZZ25! Happy shopping!

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