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Demi Lovato Returned To Instagram With A Voting Selfie And I'm Emotional

"I am so grateful to be home in time to vote!"

Nora Dominick 11 months ago
Jen Abidor 11 months ago
Samir Mezrahi 11 months ago
Kevin Smith 11 months ago
Alana Mohamed 11 months ago

Here's A Very Important Message From The Cast Of "Will & Grace"

"I like to vote in the morning. The lighting is so much better."

Stephen LaConte 11 months ago

In Case You Were Wondering, George Washington's Election Was Wild

It was a tiny bit, how do you say, rigged?

Alana Mohamed 11 months ago

These Volunteers Are Battling Idaho’s Government To Expand Medicaid

State legislators in Idaho have refused to accept federal funding that could help thousands without health insurance get coverage. Meet “Reclaim Idaho,” the group that’s trying to do what elected officials won’t and put Medicaid expansion up for a vote in November.

Anne Helen Petersen One year ago

Could Paulette Jordan Be The First Native American Governor?

In Idaho, any Democrat running is a long shot. But Paulette Jordan — who, if elected, would become the first Native American to serve as a governor — doesn’t mind the odds, and isn’t heeding calls to let an older, white, established candidate take her place.

Anne Helen Petersen One year ago

Beto O’Rourke Could Be The Democrat Texas Has Been Waiting For

Beto O’Rourke’s grassroots campaign to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz is blazing across Texas. But can it convert energy into actual votes?

Anne Helen Petersen One year ago

Kathleen Williams Is The Montana House Candidate Who Didn’t Body-Slam A Reporter

In Montana’s sole congressional district, Democrat Kathleen Williams is trying to convince voters that Greg Gianforte — and the Trumpian values he represents — is not who they are.

Anne Helen Petersen 11 months ago

Why Is It So Hard For Native Americans To Vote In This Utah County?

In San Juan County, a majority Navajo population has lived for decades with a primarily white, Mormon government. This election could change that — if people can cast their vote.

Anne Helen Petersen 11 months ago

For Stacey Abrams To Win In Georgia, Democrats Will Have To Do More Than Just Vote

Abrams’ “unlikely voters” are ready to mobilize in the face of national attention and voter suppression: “Right now, it’s go time.”

Bim Adewunmi 11 months ago

8 Things That Make Voting Harder Than It Has To Be

The solutions may surprise you.

Alana Mohamed 11 months ago
Stephen LaConte 12 months ago
Alana Mohamed 11 months ago
Stephen LaConte 12 months ago

Chelsea Handler Has An Important Message For Anyone Who's Not Planning To Vote This Year

"Don't just fight for yourself. Fight for all the people who need your help."

Stephen LaConte 12 months ago
Stephen LaConte 12 months ago

20 Awesome And Awkward Encounters Of Celebs And Presidents

You are the company you keep — and that definitely goes for presidents.

Gabriel H. Sanchez One year ago