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    25 Times Kim Kardashian Was Almost Too Kim Kardashian

    Or, 25 reasons to love her.

    1. When she spent a family vacation taking 1,200 selfies.

    2. And when she published a book filled entirely with photos of herself.

    3. When she went to Jerusalem to christen her daughter North.

    4. And when she cropped her out of a photo.

    5. When her marriage to Kris Humphries didn't last more than 72 days.

    6. When she revealed her own "behind the scenes" to us.

    7. When rather than printing seat assignment cards, she chose to have her wedding guests' names engraved on the marble tables instead.

    8. When she tried to make us believe that her daughter was the one who had posted a photo of her on Instagram instead of her.

    9. When she posed on a dirt mound for reasons that are still unknown to this day.

    10. When Kanye gave her an Hermès bag hand-painted by their daughter for her 34th birthday.

    11. When she was too busy taking selfies as her sister Khloé was being taken to prison.

    12. When she shared her big beauty secret: TAPE.

    13. When she took a selfie in the middle of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    14. When she revealed that her passport photo looked like this:

    15. When she showed us that she sunbathes just like the rest of us do.

    16. When she had her own blood injected into her face.

    17. When she posed for a photo with Amber Rose, just to mess with our emotions.

    18. When she admitted that, yes, even Kim Kardashian has shortcomings.

    19. But she still did the best she could.

    20. When she was able to have a good sense of priorities.

    21. When she shared her passions with her fans.

    22. And when she decided to dress up as herself for Halloween.

    23. And when she broke the internet once.

    24. Twice.

    25. Three times.