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    38 Reasons Your Life Will Be So Much Easier In 2014

    We really learned a lot in 2013. Now it's time to put it all to good use.

    1. You'll win every hot wing-eating contest that life throws your way. / Via

    Pull the cartilage at the end off, then work out the small bone…. / Via

    Then pull out the big bone.

    2. Your counter will be free of spatula sauce drippings.

    So THAT'S what that little hole in the handle is for.

    3. You'll be charging your iPhone twice as fast.

    Just put it in airplane mode before you plug it in to charge.

    4. You'll never lose your car in the parking garage again.

    Place your alarm under your chin and press the button. The fluids in your head will amplify its range.

    5. Your rings won't turn your fingers green.

    Because you're going to apply clear nail polish to the inside!

    6. You'll be saved from embarrassment at parties because you know that white wine neutralizes red wine.

    Dab white wine onto any red wine stains.

    7. Your baths will be 1000x more awesome because you'll never drop your book in the water again. / Via

    A frickin' genius 8-year-old came up with this life hack.

    8. You will experience the extreme satisfaction of opening a jar with duct tape.

    9. You've now been endowed with the gift of "late night sushi snack."

    Put your sushi roll leftovers in takeout soy sauce containers for a yummy snack later.

    10. Also, no more brain freeze!

    11. NO MORE COLD BUTT IN 2014.

    Put those socks you got for Christmas to good use.

    12. You'll have perfect winged eyeliner with the help of a spoon.

    13. You will conquer pet fur on your carpet once and for all.

    14. You'll be the life of the party with your eyelash curler. / Via

    You can open beer bottles with this multi-functional grooming tool.

    15. You'll have remarkably clean ceilings. / Via

    Just tie a towel to your broom.

    16. You won't be sending any accidentally premature emails.

    Click that weirdly shaped icon in the top right corner of Gmail, then mouse down to “Settings.”

    Then click to “Labs.” Search for the lab feature titled “Undo Send.” Enable it, and click “Save changes.”

    Still in “Settings,” go to “General,” and scroll down to the “Undo Send” section. Enable it there too.


    17. Your fridge will be free of dried-up condiment spills.

    Facebook: altonbrown / Via

    Put 'em in an egg carton.

    18. Your winter clothing will be effectively de-pilled.

    19. You're going to have the chillest punch bowl in the neighborhood with these giant ice cubes.

    Make 'em in your muffin tin!

    20. Your kids will do all the work for you.

    21. Your two-buck chuck will taste so much better when aerated in your blender.

    Hope you get a Vitamix for Christmas! More details here.

    22. Your morning yogurt experience is one step closer to AWESOME.

    Just tip the honey compartment into the yogurt compartment.

    23. You'll be putting your baguettes to good use.

    Summer music festivals, here you come!

    24. Your aluminum foil will never fly out of the box at you again. / Via

    Most aluminum foil boxes have press-in tabs that secure the roll in place.

    25. You'll be eating Chinese food the lazy (and smart) way. / Via

    Washing dishes is for chumps.

    26. You'll be a much more efficient flosser. / Via

    Tie the ends into a knot. No more strangled fingers.

    27. Using a post-it, your computer keyboard will be Cheeto dust-free.


    Use the sticky side to clean between keys.

    28. You'll stop being late to work everyday because you know how to amplify your phone alarm.

    I just saved you your job!

    29. Your roommate will love you because you know this handy trick to microwaving two bowls at once. / Via

    So go ahead and extend that lease!

    30. You'll rescue your favorite sweater with baby shampoo.

    Flickr: the10101

    Cropped sweaters will be totally over by 2014. Save your shrunken sweater with baby shampoo. Get the directions here.

    31. You'll be putting your tools to important use. / Via

    For those sticky situations where you have a hammer but no corkscrew.

    32. You'll get better grades/a raise because your presentations will be a lot clearer.


    33. Your money (probably) won't get stolen.

    Because you'll have the perfect hiding place!

    34. Everyone will think you're smarter than you actually are.

    35. Your backyard will become your own personal zen oasis, despite the fact that you have no lawn furniture.

    36. Thanks to the power of velcro, you'll never lose your remote controls again.

    37. You will generally feel a lot less stress.

    38. And you will eat whatever the hell you want.

    Now you know that tacos can be eaten inside of a savory bacon shell. The end.

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