48 Ways To Make Your Life A Million Times Better

You owe it to yourself to try.

1. Start your day with this book.

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2. Wear what you love.

Don’t forget a snack or seven.

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3. Do your hair.

ID: 1228703

4. Or wear a jaunty hat.

ID: 1228874

5. Make your money burgle-proof.

ID: 1228612

6. Ensure you’re prepped to face the world.

With this DIY garter belt.

ID: 1228413

7. Eat breakfast without getting cheese dust on your fingers.

If you don’t think that Cheetos are part of a nutritious and delicious breakfast then we have nothing left to say to each other.

ID: 1228273

8. Scramble an egg inside of its own shell.

It’s magical. Watch the video here.

ID: 1228627

9. Defeat the monster that is the freezing cold toilet seat.

ID: 1228391

10. Take a relaxing bath with a book.

And use a retractable leash to make sure it never falls in again.

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11. Remind yourself how perfect you are.

ID: 1228755

12. If you have a baby, make sure he or she is all clean.

ID: 1228376

13. And safely ensconced in the best fort of all time.

ID: 1228377

14. At work, make this your desktop wallpaper.

ID: 1228696

15. Or turn your computer into a Shaquintosh.

ID: 1228761

16. Buy something crazy on eBay.

ID: 1228783

17. Sit however and wherever you want to sit.

ID: 1228819

18. Make up a new screenname.

ID: 1228879

19. Enlist the help of a higher power.

ID: 1228844

20. Use these words.

ID: 1228856

21. Make the most of your job.

ID: 1228865

22. Do a little redecorating.

ID: 1228890

23. Back home, make over your bathroom.

ID: 1228736

24. Attach a car vent air freshener to your AC.

Your place will smell amazing (at least, as amazing as a car air freshener).

ID: 1228581

25. Cover your refrigerator in pizza.

ID: 1228753

26. Turn your backyard into a comfy oasis.

ID: 1228637

27. Velcro your remote controls.

You’ll never lose them again.

ID: 1228643

28. Make your cat do all the work.

ID: 1228795

29. Or your kids.

ID: 1228797

30. Unwind by making a rainbow rose.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1228707

31. Or some pornographic perler art.

ID: 1228697

32. Jump around.

ID: 1228710

33. Take a sassy selfie.

ID: 1228774

34. Make an extension cord monster friend.

ID: 1228785

35. Replace your queen with the mother of all queens.

ID: 1228791

36. Take a nap on a comforting bed of breadsticks.

ID: 1228802

37. Fill your fridge with something you love.

ID: 1228940

38. Break your diet.

ID: 1228902

39. Make a quick and easy dinner.

Just press the hot water button without inserting any pods, and you’ll have the meal of your dorm-room dreams in seconds.

ID: 1228397

40. Or an ingenious one.


ID: 1228813

41. (But remember the old adage:)

ID: 1228669

42. Draw chalk around the food that you don’t want ants to get in.

Like your pet’s food bowl.

ID: 1228591

43. Put some Kool-Aid in your beer.

ID: 1228807

44. Put scrunchies on your dog.

ID: 1228745

45. Remember that Bill Clinton used to listen to Hole.

ID: 1228692

46. And that life is both sweet AND sour.

ID: 1228870

47. Be glad you’re not these guys.

ID: 1228724

48. Give yourself a fucking hug.

You deserve it!

ID: 1228772

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