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15 Coachella Fashion Disasters, Part II

Here are even tackier fashion mistakes from the past two weekends. Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better.

1. Bird Feathers

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Perhaps she's just starring in Coachella's on-site production of Black Swan.

2. Shiny Leggings

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Just because they still sell these at American Apparel doesn't mean anyone should wear them.

3. Bikinis

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

4. Zebra Leggings For Men

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

They almost distract you from those shoes.

5. Wearing A Fanny Pack To Cover Your Junk

If there wasn't so much wrong going on here, I'd excuse this guy because I am entertained by how stoned he is.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

This photo is the ultimate boner killer.

6. Vanessa Hudgens

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

She is like a classical scholar of bad boho festival style.

7. These Furry Hat Things

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

8. Aztec Overload

Thanks to music festivals, you can never wear anything Pendleton-inspired again.

9. Unitards

These people must not have to go to the bathroom ever.

10. Twinsies!

The only thing worse than descending into festival style hell is doing it in tandem.

11. Wearing A Tail

Maybe there's a furries convention down the street.

12. Loincloths

You didn't think fratboys could wear togas forever, did you?

13. Lace Crop-Tops

They are just very hard to wear. Even if you have no nipples, like the girl above.

14. Emma Roberts

This is, like, an SNL skit parody of bad festival style.

15. Hula Hoops

Thankfully, these were banned at Coachella, along with guns and knives, but that didn't stop some people.