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    31 Things That Will Make You Laugh If You're British

    There will be tea.

    1. This commemorative royal baby front cover.

    2. This painting of "Susan Boyle dressed as Ripley from Aliens wearing the big yellow robotic machine desperately trying to open a packet of Hobnobs." / Via Facebook: JimllPaintIt

    By James Murray aka Jim'll Paint It.

    3. This Wombling gag.

    4. This important Sunday Sport news story.

    5. This "chipped" windscreen.

    6. This reaction to Justin Bieber's disastrous UK tour.

    7. This, the most British page from a chemistry textbook imaginable.

    8. This postie's note about an escaped chicken.

    9. This explanation of how British people shower.

    10. This book shop display.

    11. This satire of the immigration system from Come Fly With Me.

    12. This expression of reality versus the expectation of teenage life.

    13. This entirely accurate map of the UK.

    14. This gag.

    15. This ironic graffiti.

    16. The world's most polite protestor.

    17. The synopsis to this British porn film.

    18. This warning and its accompanying special offer.

    19. This reason for an artificial ski slope to be closed.

    20. This heroic YouTube commenter.

    21. This very British anti-drugs public health advert from Warrington NHS.

    22. This threatening and offensive graffiti.

    23. This park bench.

    24. This very British response to a dirty visual gag. / 4Chan

    25. This reason for being admitted to hospital.

    26. This response to over-zealous traffic wardens.

    27. This explanation of how British boys are not all like One Direction.

    28. This daytime TV exchange.

    29. This tourist attraction, from Viz

    30. This classic newspaper story.

    31. This guide to British words.


    The immigration sketch is from the BBC comedy Come Fly With Me. An earlier version of this post said it was from Little Britain, which also stars David Walliams.

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