Take A Terrifying Virtual Ride On The Snowboarding Course That Keeps Injuring Sochi Athletes

I’m not feeling very good right now. This is the same course that’s injured Shaun White and others.

1. Snowboarding is one of the key sports at the Winter Olympics, keenly anticipated by fans around the world.

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2. The only trouble is, competitors keep pulling out of the Slopestyle event in Sochi - the one where you slide down a mountain while pulling off amazing tricks - because they keep getting injured.

The Associated Press

The USA’s Shaun White, pictured here picking up his gold medal in the half pipe event at the Vancouver games in 2010, pulled out yesterday after hurting his wrist in practice. He and others have criticised the Sochi Slopestyle course.

3. So far White, Slovenia’s Cilka Sadar and Torstein Horgmo of Norway (who was hotly tipped to win the slopestyle event) have all withdrawn.

4. So that sounds fun. And thanks to Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev, we now know what it’s like to ride the course without ever, ever having to do it. It starts off fairly gentle.


5. Then you face the first big jump, which isn’t so bad either.

6. But then there’s this jump, which has “life-changing injury” written all over it.

7. And this heart-stopping widow-maker to finish.

8. Watch Alexey’s video here in full and be thankful you’re not expected to hurtle down this course and pull off audacious tricks at the same time.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/85831388.

By the way, Alexey himself crashed on the course in qualification today.

9. It kind of puts this into perspective doesn’t it.

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