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British Teenage Benedict Cumberbatch Lookalike Unwittingly Goes Viral In China

Tyler Mitchell does look like Cumberbatch and Chinese fans can't get enough of him, but he's not so keen on them.

Tyler Michell, a 16-year-old from Norfolk, looks quite a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch.

In fact, despite the age difference (The Sherlock star is 37), they look very similar. Because of this he now has nearly 12,000 followers on Instagram.

He captioned this one: "Watching myself on TV" while Cumberbatch was on Top Gear.

The admiration is unrequited, however: three days ago Mitchell told his Chinese commenters to leave him alone.

He tends to tag everything he posts with #sherlock, just to underline his resemblance.

Which, at times, is uncanny.

He sometimes finds things with "Benedict" written on them to underline the point.

But really he's just an average 16-year-old guy.

Who happens to look like an actor who's very famous in China.