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Cardi B Was One Of The Best Dressed People In 2019 And Here's The Proof

No matter how you feel about her, there's no denying she always looks on point.

Cardi B is a phenomenal artist, this we know. But one thing I feel people don't speak on as often is just how killer her fashion game is.

When she collabs with stylist Kollin Carter, makeup artist Erika La Pearl, and hair stylist Tokyo Stylez, literal magic happens. Here are some of the best Cardi B looks of 2019:

1. I have to start with this year's Met Gala look by designer Thom Browne, which literally stole the show and my heart.

2. Next we have her Grammy look which made her look like the ocean's most flawless pearl.

3. And the subsequent performance catsuit was all sorts of cheetah-licious.

4. Speaking of a feather moment, there's no forgetting this Ralph & Russo look from Vegas.

5. This vintage Jean Paul Gaultier outfit with some Fenty frames helped Cardi really stand out when doing press for Hustlers.

6. She then brought it back to the early 2000s with this matching denim outfit.

7. When in Houston, she took her pink cowboy hat and chaps out of storage for the rodeo.

8. She then gave us all sorts of life with this pretty pastel Christian Siriano outfit with hair to match.

9. Later, this runway walk instantly made "Baby Shark" high fashion.

10. It wouldn't be 2019 without some legendary court looks too, so here's this white Christian Siriano pantsuit.

11. And this most recent black feathered look with a WHOLE TRAIN. Iconic.

12. When Cardi's not in court, she's lookin' real sultry on her way to the Adult Video News Awards.

13. Or hanging out in what looks to be some enclosed porch while lookin' pretty in purple.

14. As it turns out, purple isn't the only color she can rock. Red sequins work too.

15. She KILLED it in this little head-to-toe Chanel number.

16. What can I say, the girl sells Chanel well.

17. This sheer top and high-waisted pants combo really knocked it out of the park:

18. As did this Paris Fashion Week look.

19. While we're on the topic of Paris, she even covered her face at one point while at the Eiffel Tower and looked faceless and fashionable.

20. She became one with the wind in this big, colorful look:

21. And fell into a pink fantasy with this jacket.

22. She showed off her abs in this bright look during the Billboard Music Awards.

23. And looked straight fire in the promo pic for her single "Press."

24. When I say fire, I literally mean fire. Here is she is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar blowing out some flames.

25. She channeled her style icon Lady Gaga by putting on some extremely high heel boots:

26. But not before wearing this hip-hugging dress to the VMAs.

27. There's just no denying it, Cardi can serve looks anywhere, be it at Rihanna's Diamond Ball...

28. ...Or while on a trip to Ghana.

29. And being that she's the first female rapper to appear on the cover of Vogue, I had to end this all with her simple, but beautiful look on the world's fashion bible.

I for one am excited to see what fashion moments (and new music) she gives us in 2020!

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