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    28 Things For People Who Have More Body Hair Than They Know What To Do With

    Whether you shave or not, there are both hair removal products ~and~ products in here to soften your skin and body hair to let you rock it.

    Let's be clear: body hair is natural. Some people are hairier than others, some like to shave it all, some just trim, and others like to leave their hair be. Here, you will find something for everyone, from hair removal devices to products that help keep your body hair silky and manageable. Everyone is different so always remember — your hair, your choice!

    1. A Panasonic facial hair trimmer that'll gently remove those little hairs on your chin, upper lip, jaw, cheeks, and neck! It follows the natural contours of your face so there's no pulling. I've been using this for years and have never gotten any cuts or irritation from it. Plus, it's small enough to throw in your bag.

    2. An epilator to remove both thick and fine hair at the root so you can go for several weeks without reaching for a razor. It has massage rollers and two speed settings for customizable comfort!

    3. A gorgeous Ouai rose body oil because it uses nutrient-rich oils to illuminate and nourish your skin for silky body hair! If you shave, soft skin means a better shaving experience too. The fragrance is irresistible: a rich rose scent with hints of bergamot, lychee, and cedarwood.

    the oil bottle among its ingredients like roses and lemon

    4. A cordless electric shaver designed for sensitive skin that'll help protect from irritation with pearl tip trimmers. You can use this anywhere you have hair!

    the razor

    5. A moringa body butter from The Body Shop not just because it smells absolutely heavenly, but also because it's so nourishing and will leave your skin and body hair so soft and supple with each use that you won't be able to stop caressing yourself.

    the jar of body butter among other moringa products of this line

    6. A gentle and organic sugaring treatment that combines hair removal with skincare so you can stay hair-free for up to two months! You get the benefits without the temporariness of shaving or the pain of waxing. This uses chamomile, lemon, tea tree oil, and sugar for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing benefits.

    7. An elasticity-boosting Toun28 Body Cream because it'll help your body hair stay soft and smooth to the touch and leave your skin nice and supple! Plus, this is super gentle.

    the three lotion packages

    8. A pack of dermaplaning razors to deal with the peach fuzz and facial hair. The micro-guarded blades help protect your delicate skin from cuts!

    Reviewer uses a dermaplaning tool to remove baby hairs from their face

    9. A L'Occitane softening shower oil for a decadent cleansing experience that'll leave your skin beautifully soft and smooth. It has a unique foaming oil-to-milk texture and contains almond oil (which is what softens). This oil makes a great base for shaving too. And if you don't shave, you get silky soft body hair and a yummy almond scent. What's not to love?

    the oil

    10. A Billie razor starter kit that'll help make shaving, dare I say, fun. It comes with a colorful ergonomic handle, two rust- and nickel-free razor blades, and even a magnetic holder that conveniently adheres to your shower wall!

    11. A Nature Republic soothing aloe vera gel because of how refreshing it feels on skin! It's a multi-use gel that helps with post-shaving redness and irritation; you can also just use this for immediate hydration to smooth your skin and hair. It soothes where you need it to — it's literally in the name!

    the gel jar and its watery texture

    12. A Ren AHA Renewal Body Serum to give you that full-body exfoliation without the hard work of scrubbing. It uses 10% AHA and probiotics for a stronger skin barrier and also deeply hydrates so whether you shave or not, you get softer skin and an even-toned glow. You're welcome!

    model with the bottle and a smudge of the product on her thigh

    13. A versatile Fur Oil (you may remember it from Shark Tank!) that's specially designed for your pubic hair but can actually be used on your underarms, legs, chest, face — anywhere hair grows really. It clears pores, helping to banish ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burn, soothes irritation post-shaving, and softens prickly stubble. With daily use, you'll get healthier, smoother skin, and regrowth of hair will be finer, helping future hair removals be more gentle.

    the oil bottle

    14. An everyday rosemary bergamot shave cream — it's clean and handcrafted with unrefined shea butter from West Africa for the creamiest lather, ensuring you get a smooth, ultra-close shave! Now that's what we like.

    the green bottle

    15. A Schick Intuition razor that comes with a built-in aloe and vitamin E soap bar (talk about fancy!). It also has a pivoting head to prevent nicks and an ergonomic handle — what else does one need?

    three of the razors

    16. A Herbivore amethyst body polish to luxuriously buff away dead skin cells and reveal smooth clean skin (and silky body hair)! It uses finely ground amethyst gemstones (I know, right) and Epsom salts to exfoliate and restore luminosity while virgin coconut oil deeply moisturizes.

    the jar of polish, showing its purple gritty texture

    17. A vegan agender oil that'll help you soften and protect hair anywhere on your body, promote hair growth, and of course, moisturize. Smoky vetiver (which is anti-inflammatory) and lavender provide a calming experience every time.

    model holding oil bottle against hairy underarm

    18. A cordless electric razor with four gold plated heads and built-in LED lights so you can spot those hidden hairs easily while going over the harder areas that you often miss and get nicks from.

    19. A Veet sugar wax hair remover that's great for beginners — the fabric strips, temperature-indicating spatula, and soothing essential oil-infused sugar help you get the hang of it and leave your skin moisturized and touchably soft. It's gentle enough for your bikini area and face too!

    reviewer photo of the whole kit

    20. A moisturizing Hawaiian Body Oil because a great body oil is one of the best ways to soften and nourish that body hair so it can be at its best. Kukui nut softens and a blend of sunflower seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and sweet almond oils work their wonders.

    the bottle of oil next to the brand's body wash

    21. A Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Body Lotion, which can hydrate your skin and nourish for soft touchable skin and hair. It contains ceramide to strengthen your skin barrier, prevents moisture from evaporating, and features phytocide water and centella asiatica, which both smooth skin and have a toning effect. This will ensure you rock that body hair!

    the box of lotion

    22. A Veet hair removal gel cream that's a cult fave due to its time-saving effectiveness. Slather it on and it removes hair in just five minutes while aloe vera ensures your skin is soothed. It's so gentle reviewers love it especially for the bikini area. Stubble and cuts? Where? 👀

    23. A lavender calming bar because it uses real fresh lavender petals to gently exfoliate while its anti-bacterial properties temper reduce inflammation and irritation. You get smoother skin and your body hair will be super soft to the touch!

    a pile of the lavender bars, showing the petals

    24. A Love Beauty & Planet body lotion that'll soothe and soften with French lavender and argan oil so your body hair won't feel coarse and rough to the touch.

    all four lotions

    25. A body brush because it'll gently massage and exfoliate, helping soften your skin and body hair (and also help improve blood circulation). It has rounded nodules and can be used in both wet and dry brushing. Reviewers also say it helps for cellulite, dry skin, and stretch marks!

    the brush

    26. A Skintimate 2-in-1 moisturizer that reviewers love because of how soft it leaves their skin after shaving! The shea butter- and aloe-infused formula acts as both a shaving cream and a skin conditioner so it's like shaving with lotion — your legs will be super smooth and moisturized and there won't be any need to moisturize afterward.

    the bottle

    27. The Body Shop softening shave cream because it softens skin with maca root and aloe, allowing a smoother and less irritating shave. You'll be happy to hear a little goes a long way too — reviewers swear that one jar can last up to a year!

    an open jar of the shaving cream

    28. A bottle of Bio-Oil that's so versatile you can use it for many things, including sealing in moisture (very important after shaving), healing shaving scars, irritation, and evening skin tone. It's also light and non-greasy so use it all you want.

    model applying the oil on shoulder

    Now go off in all your hairy or hairless beauty and do you!