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    39 Stocking Stuffers To Make Them Smile

    Smiles make the world go 'round, and a great stocking stuffer? Even more.

    1. A vampire garlic mincer that I'll judge you for if you don't buy because this is the best personification of a pun. Tell them to give him a name and keep him on the counter!

    2. An LOL-worthy (but probably true) ghost enamel pin to use on their jackets, caps or backpacks.

    3. A quirky Harry Potter bookmark for the readers and HP fans. Whenever they're unmotivated, those Quidditch boots and broomstick sticking out will def draw them back to finish that book!

    4. A pack of cat magnets so ridiculously cute they should be illegal. Slip them into their stocking but you might just be tempted to take one.

    5. An adorable Totoro figurine for the Studio Ghibli fans. It really will make them smile every time they see it!

    6. A mini screaming goat figure. It's a real-life version of those viral screaming goat videos everyone loves. Have them press the button to hear it shriek and make everyone laugh or jump.

    7. An oven mitt perfectly suitable for all the cooks and bakers in your life.

    8. A set of notepads that'll probably connect with their soul (but don't quote me on that).

    9. A slapstick square magnet to slap onto their fridge so it'll always make 'em laugh.

    10. A talking Harry Potter sorting hat touted as the "World's Smallest Sorting Hat." Put it on, press the button, and it'll announce their house — it's every HP fan's dream! Plus, it comes with a sticker book of the Harry Potter house crests so they can claim theirs once their house is declared.

    11. A pair of goldfish-in-a-bag earrings that'll help them show off their quirky side.

    12. A set of cactus tealight candles to get them their succulent fix and candle fix in one.

    13. A roll-on migraine relief stick that they'll probably cry over (and then smile). Loaded with therapeutic essential oils like peppermint and spearmint, this will ease headaches and is small enough to carry in their purse.

    14. A set of 30 pun-filled postcards that'll be a joy to give anyone with a sense of humor.

    15. A literary bar of soap with lovely scents inspired by beloved books and characters. This is basically an imagined version of what perfume their favorite character might've used!

    16. A TonyMoly banana hand cream with the cutest packaging. It's loaded with shea butter and coconut oil, and smells like freshly baked banana bread so come winter, their hands will be soft and moisturized, and they'll smile every time they use it!

    17. A set of lovable ceramic cat measuring spoons to elevate your cooking/baking experience from "eh" to "aw!"

    18. A pair of chicken leg socks they can strut around in all winter.

    19. A set of way-too-cute cat-shaped sticky notes they can use as bookmarks, memos, reminders...these cuties will be here to help!

    20. A mini huggable cooling + heating plushie pad that'll be there for them whenever they need it!

    21. A pack of classic playing cards perf for everything from Blackjack to poker to Go Fish! They'll never be bored again.

    22. A set of six cable clips that'll lengthen the lifespan of their charging cords, look cute, and neaten up those messy wires.

    23. A sushi cat keychain for anyone who loves cats and sushi. This comes in a blind box design, which means they won't know which cat out of five they've received until they've opened the box! With each cat having its own charm, it'll be a cute surprise for you and whoever you give it to.

    24. A delicate cityscape ring for anyone who can't get the travel bug out of their system. You can choose from over 40+ city skylines so you're bound to find a city they love (or is on their bucket list)!

    25. A way too cute flash drive for happily storing all their precious memories in a safe place.

    26. A woodland necklace in which real dried heather flowers are preserved in a non-toxic resin topped with a real acorn cap. It'll be perfect for the romantics and anyone who loves fairytales!

    27. A tiny animal plushie to attach to their keychain so it'll accompany them wherever they go.

    28. A hand mirror shaped like this adorable alpaca because life is too short for alpaca-less hand mirrors. Throw it in their stocking so they can wow everyone when they take it out — and keep wowing everyone once it goes into their bag!

    29. A pack of suction cup cat phone holders that'll be very happy to hold their phone for them at a moment's notice!

    30. A bunny gloss bar to moisturize lips with vitamin E while imparting a sweet natural tint and shine. Each one has a different fruity scent, shade, and bunny expression so you can choose whichever one you think will tickle their fancy because bunnies are the best.

    31. A sweet little succulent planter that looks both cheeky and at peace, and will always cheer them up.

    32. A feel-good graphic passport case they'll want to use the moment they see it — it can't be helped!

    33. An all-natural soap bar in the shape of a super cute animal. Ingredients like olive, lavender and coconut oils, and cocoa and shea butters means that each one is moisturizing and safe enough to use on their body and face!

    34. A soothing roll-on for the most relaxing sleep. It's formulated with an essential oil blend that includes valerian, chamomile, and lavender. If they have trouble sleeping, they'll be happy to get this to help get a calming sleep every night!

    35. A BuzzFeed Wolfie sticker to give their laptops some much-needed character.

    36. A set of funny colorful brooches for adding plenty of personality and spunk to all their clothes and bags.

    37. A combo pack of K-beauty sheet masks that contain vitamin E and collagen for plump, hydrated skin. They can choose whichever one their skin needs that day, kick back, and let the mask do its work.

    38. An illustrated book and talking figurine of BuzzFeed's The Good Advice Cupcake to always brighten up their day and encourage them to take life by the horns.

    39. A fun interactive game for families and kids to keep both preoccupied and laughing for hours.

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