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    Selena Quintanilla's Wax Figure Was Unveiled And People Cried With Joy

    "OMG, I'm gonna cry."

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    So first, a quick little backstory: Madame Tussauds began working on the Selena wax figure back in October, after a petition on was signed by nearly 10,000 people.

    Madame Tussauds worked closely with the Quintanilla family and even visited the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas to do some extensive research. The wax figure cost $350,000.

    After much anticipation, Madame Tussauds set the unveiling for August 30 in Hollywood, and FANS CAME IN DROVES.

    Which TBH isn't that surprising because, well, IT'S SELENA!

    Rachel Murray

    So, obviously, we had to go!

    Per usual, we saw several fans dressed in their best Queen of Tejano get-ups and they looked fabulous!

    Norberto Briceño
    Norberto Briceño

    The love for Selena was immense, so we decided to ask some fans what they would do if they got to meet the queen herself.

    This fan would "hug her and tell her I love you!"

    Pablo Valdivia / Via BuzzFeed Snapchat

    And this one would tell her, "I love you mi reina. Besos. Te amo ❤️."

    Pablo Valdivia / Via BuzzFeed Snapchat

    This fan would just straight-up cry. But honestly, who wouldn't?

    Pablo Valdivia / Via BuzzFeed Snapchat

    The Quintanilla fam, A.B., Suzette, and Chris (Selena's widower), then spoke a few words about the wax figure and thanked the fans for keeping her memory and legacy alive.

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    When it was finally time for the big unveiling...

    Norberto Briceño

    Those in attendance were getting a bit antsy but it was totally worth it.

    ...the Quintanilla fam pushed a big red button and the curtain came tumbling down...

    Norberto Briceño reveal the queen in all her heavenly glory. 🙌

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    Selena fan tears DEFINITELY flowed. 😭

    Norberto Briceño

    Overall, it was a beautifully moving moment for a Latina icon who is dearly missed, but never forgotten.

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

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