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I Went To The Selena Museum And It's Truly Majestic

It's like Disneyland, only replace everything with Selena.

I went to the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas. It's part of Q-Productions, the Quintanilla family music studio.


Like, for real.

The wait to get into the front door of the museum lasted over an hour.

Once inside, you're greeted by this lovely receptionist who charges you an entrance fee of three dollars.

A tour guide quickly showed us into the first room... the studio. And not just any studio. It's the studio where all the magic happened.

"The last song Selena recorded in here was 'Dreaming of You.'" I suddenly got chills down my spine

People crowded around to take as many pictures of this beautiful portrait that hung in the studio:

But who could blame them? After all, this is the room where this classic scene took place:

They took us through Q-Production's break room.

I also saw the most Texas thing ever...

Whataburger and pickles.

The break room also had this famous image of Selena holding a Coke bottle.

After squeezing by this awfully hot, humid, and crowded corridor...

...we finally reached the actual museum.

The whole museum is comprised of interesting knick-knacks from Selena's life.

Early fashion concepts from a 15-year-old Selena:

There's a glass case dedicated to her dolls...

I liked how she dressed the doll on the right in purple.

Here's her one and only Grammy.

There's a wall of all her accolades. All the Gold and Platinum one could ever wish for in a lifetime.

They had the checkerboard jacket she wore from her Mas photo-shoot.

But what really caught my attention was this glorious piece of technology.

As we learned in the movie, she had an affinity for eggs.

They had her Selena-fied Barbie dolls on display.

Selena's red Porsche was parked in the corner of the room and people were like :O.

And then, there were her iconic outfits displayed on mannequins in glass display cases...

And they looked magical.

It's one thing to see these outfits in old YouTube videos and Telemundo specials...

It's another to see them, in all their majestic glory, right in front of your eyes.


In conclusion: This museum is majestic AF. Sure, it was crowded, humid and had no ventilation inside, but WHATEVER. If you're a Selena fan, it won't matter. You'll sweat out the negativity and replace it with Selena fabulousness.

And you'll feel like this: