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11 Awkward Moments You Have To Face During The Holidays

Feliz NaviDEAD.

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1. When your abuelita gives you a cookie tin...with actual cookies inside.

2. When your pan dulce tragically falls apart in the chocolate.

3. When you keep hearing that "Burrito Sabanero" Christmas song over and over again.

4. When you go through your posada candy bag and you find a mazapan.

5. But then this happens...

6. When you get caught re-gifting.

7. When your abuelita gives you the gift of a college education.

8. When your abuelita tells you to put on a jacket but you're like, "Nah."

9. When you come home for the holidays and your abuelita comments on your...figure.

10. When your abuelita buys you the latest in technology, but has no idea how it works.

11. And finally, when you find out that Santa Claus isn't real.

¡Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo!

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