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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    12 Moments That Are Too Real For Anyone With An Abuelita

    Intense flashbacks brought to you by That's So Abuelita.

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    1. When you try and film your abuelita:

    2. When your abuelita sees your room:

    3. When your abuelita hears good chisme:

    4. When your abuelita wakes you up on Saturday mornings:

    5. When your abuelita is getting down and cleaning up at the same time:

    6. That moment when you're too old to get hit with the chancleta:

    7. When your abuelita just cleaned the floor:

    8. When your abuelita thinks you're going to freeze to death:

    9. When your abuelita finds your condoms:

    10. When your abuelita finds out you're in a relationship:

    11. When your abuelita hears that you messed up in the kitchen:

    12. When abuelita REALLY wants you to eat:

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    At the end of the day, even though she might be a hard-ass, abuelita is always there for you... y te queremos, abuelita.


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    ... y por el amor de dios, ¡EL PISO ESTÁ MOJADO!

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