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    15 Details From The New "WandaVision" Trailer That Are Absolutely Amazing

    "Wanda and Vision. Aren't we a fine pair?"

    At the Emmy Awards this year, Disney+ and Marvel dropped the first full-length trailer for WandaVision.

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    Earlier this year, we got a teaser trailer featuring WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, AND Loki.

    The trailer gives us a look at all of the different realities Wanda, Vision, and other characters will be inhabiting during this series, and it looks so good.

    Poster for WandaVision
    Marvel Studios / Disney+

    And while the trailer is barely more than a minute long, there are already a lot of details/Easter eggs we have to talk about right now:

    1. First, at the very beginning of the trailer, we see Wanda and Vision driving off in a car with a "Just Married" sign and the license plate "0102." The number could be a nod to Avengers Issue #102 or Vision and the Scarlet Witch Vol. 1, Issue #2.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    Avengers Issue #102 deals with the Sentinel capturing Wanda after Vision arrives too late to save her. Meanwhile, Vision and the Scarlet Witch Vol. 1, Issue #2 features Robert Frank finding out Wanda isn't really his daughter.

    2. WandaVision will combine the styles of classic sitcoms, so the sets are all nods to some iconic shows, like The Dick Van Dyke Show.

    The kitchen in WandaVision resembling the kitchen from The Dick Van Dyke show
    Marvel / Disney+ / CBS

    3. The living room Wanda and Vision are dancing in on their wedding day looks like the one from The Dick Van Dyke Show as well.

    Wanda and Vision dancing in a living room that looks like the one from the Dick Van Dyke Show
    Marvel / Disney+ / CBS

    4. And Wanda is often dressed up like Lucille Ball as Lucy from I Love Lucy.

    Marvel / Disney+ / CBS via Everett Collection

    5. The wine bottle that Wanda magically pours reads "Maison Du Mépris," which in French means "House of Contempt," and it has a large "M" logo — this could be a nod to the iconic "House of M" storyline from the comic books.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    In case you don't know, the "House of M" features Scarlet Witch suffering a breakdown and trying to alter reality in order to save her children. Magneto, Scarlet Witch's father, and her twin Quicksilver are also involved in the story.

    6. And it looks like WandaVision could be featuring the beginnings of "House of M," because we see that Wanda is altering reality at several points.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    It's likely that Wanda is doing this in order to stay with Vision and have a life with him after his death in Avengers: Infinity War.

    7. Also, you can spot Wanda and Vision holding two baby boys, who are most likely their children, Billy and Tommy.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    In the comics, Wanda and Vision have twin boys, Billy and Tommy. The entire storyline surrounding the twins is massive in Wanda/Scarlet Witch's comic book history, and this will be a HUGE turning point for the character in the MCU. Also, Doctor Strange is involved in the twins' lives, so this will likely connect WandaVision to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

    8. At one point, Vision is wearing a green plaid shirt, which could be an homage to The Vision comics by Tom King from 2015, where Vision wears the same thing.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    In The Vision, Vision ends up going back to the lab where Ultron created him and building a wife and children so he could have a family exactly like him.

    9. We also get a first look at some new (and returning) MCU characters — first, we see Debra Jo Rupp, who is best known for That '70s Show and Friends, playing a seemingly nosy friend.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    10. And Fred Melamed, who notably starred on Lady Dynamite, plays Arthur, Debra Jo Rupp's husband, in this alternate reality.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    11. This is also another moment where we learn that Wanda and Vision don't remember anything about their previous lives — a nod to Wanda trying to block out Vision's death.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    12. We also get our first glimpse at Kathryn Hahn's character, who appears in several different realities, and she even breaks the news to Vision that he's actually dead.

    Kathryn Hahn's character saying "Am I dead? Because you are" to Vision
    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    13. Also, while we don't have official confirmation on who Kathryn is playing, there are rumors she could be Agatha "Agnes" Harkness, a powerful Marvel witch who becomes an important mentor for Wanda.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    We even see Kathryn's character in a witch costume on Halloween.

    14. The last new face we see is Teyonah Parris playing an older Monica Rambeau — it looks like she crashes down somewhere, and I'm equal parts stressed and excited.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    This is the first time we will be seeing Monica since Captain Marvel, where she was just a '90s kid, and if her comic book story is any indication, this won't be the last. I'm assuming Monica's WandaVision story will link to Captain Marvel 2 as well.

    15. And finally, we get a glimpse of Wanda and Vision in their original outfits from the comic books, which is just super fun.

    Marvel / Disney+ / Via

    Basically, I am SO excited we get to see Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany explore these characters even more, and this show looks incredible.

    Did you spot any other details/Easter eggs? Tell us in the comments below! And be sure to get your Disney+ subscription now for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

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