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    I'm Still Screaming Over These 19 TV Moments This Week, So We Have To Talk About Them Right Now

    Grey's Anatomy said goodbye to one of their own.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨


    1. First, on Station 19, Carina heartbreakingly mourned Andrew after his death last week, and Maya was there for her every step of the way.

    Carina telling Maya that she can't sleep because it's "too soft" and she'll just start crying

    Stefanie Spampinato and Danielle Savre are so good together as Carina and Maya, and I really can't stop talking about it.

    2. On Grey's Anatomy, everyone at Grey Sloan honored Andrew by holding a memorial for him, and I didn't think I could cry anymore, but here we are.

    A video DeLuca submitted to Grey Sloan to be admitted into the program and him saying how much he looked up to Carina, Meredith, Bailey, and Richard

    3. And on Grey's Anatomy, back on the beach, Meredith saw Derek again, and they had a conversation about their children that I was truly unprepared for.

    Derek telling Meredith that he knows everything about Ellis, even though he never got the chance to meet her

    4. On Wynonna Earp, Wynonna and Waverly had this incredible Earp sisters heart-to-heart where Waverly assured Wynonna that she will always need her.

    Waverly telling Wynonna, "Nicole's my person. But you're my sister. Nothing will ever change that"

    5. And on Wynonna Earp, Jeremy sadly told Wynonna that Robin doesn't remember who he really is and he looks completely different after he spent too much time in the fog.

    Jeremy saying that he made Robin jump into the fog and try to help Wynonna while she was in the Garden

    6. On Good Girls, Dean was arrested by the FBI even though Phoebe insisted that Beth was the person they were actually looking for.

    Beth telling Dean, "I'll explain everything" while he gets arrested and Phoebe telling her partner, "You got the wrong person"

    7. On Shameless, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and the rest of the Gallaghers learned about Frank's dementia diagnosis.

    A doctor telling the Gallaghers that Frank has dementia and Frank saying he told them, but he never did

    8. And on Shameless, after years of being together, Kevin and V officially got married in an adorable ceremony over Zoom.

    Kevin and Veronica on their wedding day

    Shanola Hampton, who plays V, also directed this episode.

    9. On This Is Us, Kevin, Madison, Toby, and Kate got together to celebrate being new parents, but the night took an awkward turn when Toby revealed that he lost his job and Kevin offered to help him out financially.

    Toby telling Kevin that he doesn't want his money because he can take care of his own family

    10. And on This Is Us, Deja and Randall shared this adorable moment after Randall gave Malik advice on how to deal with his ex-girlfriend coming back into the picture.

    Deja telling Randall that he's her "day one" and she wants to make sure he's always in her corner first

    11. On The Flash, Barry and Iris reunited after what felt like forever, and the duo helped the rest of Team Flash stop Eva.

    Iris and Barry hugging and Iris saying, "I knew you'd find your way back to me"
    The CW

    This was originally supposed to be the finale last season before the coronavirus pandemic shut down production early.

    12. On Riverdale, Kevin, Toni, and Fangs announced that Toni is actually the surrogate for Kevin and Fangs and the three of them are going to raise the baby together.

    Fangs, Kevin, and Toni telling everyone that Kevin and Fangs are engaged and all three of them are going to raise Toni's baby together
    The CW

    However, by the end of the episode, Kevin broke up with Fangs and revealed he wasn't ready to get married, and I'm sitting here wondering why we can't let these two just be happy?!?

    13. Also on Riverdale, Veronica and Chad decided to get divorced, and I don't know what to call the opposite of a "plot twist," but that's exactly what this was.

    Archie telling Veronica that he was "devastated' when he found out she was married because he didn't like seeing her unhappy
    The CW

    They were literally married for like four episodes...

    14. On Superstore, Amy returned in the last minutes of the episode when Cheyenne called her to say that Zephra might be selling all of the Cloud 9 stores.

    Cheyenne on the phone with Amy telling her that Zephra is apparently planning to shut down all the Cloud 9s

    Next week is the series finale and America Ferrera will be reprising her role as Amy in that episode as well.

    15. On Batwoman, Ryan and Alice went head-to-head after Ryan tracked her down, and I'm just really excited to see where this dynamic goes from here.

    Alice being proud that she's "responsible for spawning not one Batwoman...but two"
    The CW

    16. On Good Trouble, Davia opened up to Gael about her relationship with Dennis and said that she felt insecure about her body after she and Dennis had sex because afterward he just left.

    Davia telling Gael that she thought she was past being insecure about her body, and Gael saying, "Dennis hurt you. I don't think he meant to, but he rattled your confidence"

    What I love about Good Trouble is that Davia's body acceptance storyline continues to be talked about and it wasn't just handled in one episode and then never discussed again.

    17. On Nancy Drew, Bess's husband arrived in town and asked her to steal a watch from Aunt Diana, which led to Diana telling her that she's no longer part of the Marvin family.

    Bess saying that her husband knew that Diana would kick her out of the family, and that's what he wanted to have happen
    The CW

    Maddison Jaizani was so great in this episode.

    18. On the Grown-ish season finale, Aaron finally said that he loved Zoey and he wanted to start a relationship with her.

    Aaron telling Zoey that he wants to be with her right now because he's "sick of waiting" and that he loves her

    19. And finally, on Legacies, Josie and Finch's relationship started to take off, and I just really want Josie to be happy, so I am so excited to see where this goes.

    Josie telling Finch that she wants to go on a real date with her and that she doesn't want to mess this up
    The CW

    Also, Hope found out that MG actually knows where the ascendant is that is linked to Landon's prison world.

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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