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    I'm Still Screaming Over These 21 TV Moments This Week, So We Have To Talk About Them Right Now

    I'd like to send a bill to WandaVision and Grey's Anatomy for all the tissues I used this week.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, WandaVision ended and literally so much went down, but first we have to talk about the monumental moment when Wanda transformed into her Scarlet Witch costume for the first time after fighting Agatha.

    Wanda telling Agatha, "But I don't need you to tell me who I am" and then transforming into the Scarlet Witch

    2. Also on WandaVision, Vision and Wanda heartbreakingly said goodbye after Wanda accepted that The Hex had to come down and she had to move on from Westview.

    Wanda telling Vision that he's the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in her and that they'll say hello again

    3. Also on WandaVision, the second post-credits scene showed Wanda in a cabin reading the Darkhold, and I just need Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness now.

    Wanda astral projecting and reading the Darkhold

    4. On Station 19, Maya, Ben, and the rest of Station 19 helped DeLuca and Carina track down Opal, the woman who was linked to human trafficking, and the episode ended with DeLuca getting stabbed while pursuing her.

    Carina weeping over DeLuca's body and screaming, "Help!"

    5. On Grey's Anatomy, while fighting for his life, DeLuca reunited with Meredith on the beach and DeLuca was able to thank Meredith for everything before he spotted his mom, who died when he was younger.

    DeLuca telling Meredith that she inspired him and then DeLuca's mom calling for him and Meredith saying that she'll miss him

    6. And on Grey's Anatomy, DeLuca shockingly died after he started bleeding out following surgery, and worst of all is that Carina doesn't know he was rushed back into surgery.

    Teddy and Owen operating on DeLuca and Teddy crying

    7. Wynonna Earp returned with the second half of Season 4, and the episode centered on everyone falling in love with Waverly thanks to some cupid magic.

    Nicole telling Waverly, "My god, Waverly, you are so beautiful! Have you always been this beautiful?"

    8. Also on Wynonna Earp, Doc and Wynonna shared this tender (but ultimately heartbreaking) moment, and I just want these two to be happy.

    Wynonna dancing with Doc and saying, "I don't wanna let go"

    9. On the 9-1-1 winter finale, Hen and Karen learned that Nia's biological mother wanted to be reunited with her, just when Hen and Karen wanted to adopt Nia.

    Hen saying, "What are you talking about?" and Karen responding, "We have to give Nia back"

    10. On For All Mankind, Karen and Ed finally talked about Shane's death after Ed revealed that he didn't want Kelly to join the Navy because he was afraid they would lose her like they lost Shane.

    11. Good Trouble featured a pretty amazing The Fosters reunion when the whole Adams-Foster family (except Jesus) attended a dinner at the Hunters to celebrate Eliza and Brandon heading off for a year in Amsterdam.

    Stef, Lena, Brandon, and Eliza on Good Trouble

    12. Also on Good Trouble, Connor and Jude reunited while Connor worked at the party, and my heart honestly couldn't take seeing these two together again.

    Jude and Connor kissing and Jude saying, "I've thought about you so many times. But, I'm with Carter. You'll always be my first love"

    13. On Riverdale, a lot of random stuff happened, like Archie started a fire department, Cheryl battled a teen in a dance-off, Betty discovered some dead bodies, and Jughead was dealing with...aliens? Yup, all of this actually happened.

    Cheryl saying, "I usually have a rule about annihilating high school students, but you seem particularly insufferable"

    14. Good Girls returned with Season 4, and the season picked up with Lucy's body being discovered and the FBI on the hunt for Dean, not Beth.

    15. On Nancy Drew, George revealed to Nancy and Bess that she's been possessed by Odette ever since she returned from the dead.

    Nancy telling George that they need to get Odette out of her body because a possession could kill her

    16. Also on Nancy Drew, the episode ended on a shocking cliffhanger when Bess's husband (!!!!!) appeared in town looking for her.

    A guy telling Ace, "I'm here to find my wife. I don't suppose you know her, do you?"

    17. On The Walking Dead, we learned that Daryl had a romance during the years he spent searching for Rick, and that's even how he found Dog.

    Leah telling Daryl, "You're always the hero, huh?"

    18. On The Flash, after regaining his speed, Barry also lost his emotions and it led to him putting the entire team and Iris in jeopardy just to bring Iris back from the mirrorverse.

    Barry looking at Iris and then crying over her body

    19. Also on The Flash, while all of the versions of Wells died last week, this episode ended with the OG Harrison Wells coming back to life.

    Harrison Wells reappearing out of some green particles

    20. Chicago P.D. tackled police brutality and racism when Atwater and Ruzek attempted to arrest a fellow officer who was involved in a shooting of a Black college student.

    Atwater telling a white cop that he can't blame "a dead Black victim" for his mistakes

    21. And finally, Generation started streaming on HBO Max. The new series follows a group of high school students as they explore their sexuality and deal with growing up.

    Chase Sui Wonders, Justice Smith, Uly Schlesinger, and Haley Sanchez in "Generation"

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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