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    "How I Met Your Father" Welcomed A "HIMYM" Duo, Plus 14 More TV Moments From This Week

    Barrett Doss delivered an outstanding performance as Vic on Station 19.

    🚨There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the week of March 4 to March 10, 2022.🚨

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on This Is Us, Rebecca, Kate, Randall, Kevin, and the rest of the family reunited at the cabin for Thanksgiving, and Rebecca revealed that if something were to happen to Miguel, she would want Kate to take over making decisions for her if she can't herself. This monologue was heartbreaking and I swear, it needs to earn Mandy Moore AT LEAST an Emmy nomination.

    Rebecca telling her kids to be fearless and not put their lives on hold just because she's sick

    2. And on This Is Us, in the past, we found out that Miguel got a job offer in Houston and is planning to move away from Rebecca and the kids. The moment of Rebecca crying over Miguel in the past, coupled with Kate asking why Rebecca picked her in the present, makes me weep every time I rewatch this scene.

    Rebecca telling adult Kate, "You are my daughter and my best friend. It was always you, Kate"

    3. On Station 19, Vic had an abortion and Theo was right beside her the entire time. Eventually, Vic apologized to Theo for pushing him away after Miller's death and she opened up about dealing with so much grief. It was a beautiful performance by Barrett Doss.

    Vic explaining to Theo that she was grieving Miller, Lucas, her grandma, and drama teacher and that's why she pushed him away

    4. On The Dropout, Elizabeth and Sunny took Theranos to the next level when they tried to get their device in stores like Walgreens. The episode featured so many great guest stars like Successions's Alan Ruck and Sam Waterston.

    Elizabeth talking to George Shultz and asking if he'd help out Theranos

    5. On 9-1-1: Lone Star, Paul had a heart attack and Marjan approved of him getting a pacemaker put in, which Paul was against. In an interview with TVLine, Brian Michael Smith also explained how the setback connects to Paul's journey as a transgender man and how now he feels like he doesn't have control over his body.

    Paul asking Marjan why she didn't stop the doctors and Marjan saying she had no choice, they were saving Paul's life

    6. Outlander finally returned with Season 6 this week. The first episode dealt with Tom Christie and his family moving to Fraser's Ridge. This was the first time Jamie and Tom reunited since their time at Ardsmuir prison.

    Roger explaining to Jamie that Tom and his family want to settle at the Ridge

    7. On How I Met Your Father, The Captain and Becky from How I Met Your Mother appeared when adult Sophie started to tell a story about The Captain cheating on Becky. Apparently, they become important later on too.

    Sophie's son asking adult Sophie why she's telling him a story about The Captain cheating on Becky

    8. On The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Sophie offered Midge a job as the warm up act before her variety show in an attempt to win Susie over. It ultimately led to Midge and Sophie getting into a screaming match as they tried to one up each other's jokes.

    Sophie making a joke about Midge leaving Shy's tour, while Midge talks about how Sophie is full of shit and her jokes always bomb

    9. And on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Kelly Bishop, aka the one and only Emily Gilmore, guest starred as Benedetta, a matchmaker who threatens Rose and tells her she needs to stop her matchmaking business for good.

    Benedetta explaining to Rose that the matchmaking ladies are giving her a chance, but they are mad and she needs to stop her business

    10. On Grey's Anatomy, Meredith, Amelia, and Kai finally operated on David during their groundbreaking surgery, and it happened after Owen had his own post-op complications, and Amelia considered missing out on David's surgery to help him. This led to a great heart-to-heart between Kai and Amelia after Kai realized Amelia would drop everything for the people she loves.

    Kai telling Amelia that it's inspiring that she loves her people hard and Kai has never met anyone who would do that

    11. On Bel-Air, Carlton and Will had a party at the house, which got a little out of hand, but we also saw Will and Lisa grow closer despite both Lisa's dad and Uncle Phil saying the duo shouldn't see each other anymore. But Will is still lying to Lisa about why he really came to Bel-Air.

    12. On Chicago P.D., Ruzek, Burgess, and the rest of the team worked tirelessly to try and find Makayla after she was kidnapped. Eventually, she was found, but not before Ruzek and Burgess got into some pretty heated arguments over the lengths they were willing to go to find Makayla.

    Ruzek and Burgess yelling that neither of them listen to each other, then the two of them holding hands while Makayla sleeps

    13. On Legacies, Lizzie and Aurora shared one of my favorite moments of this show, when Lizzie apologized to Aurora for calling her "crazy" and not recognizing that they've both been unfairly labeled due to their mental heath struggles. I love this unlikely duo a lot.

    Lizzie saying that people have treated her the same way, but maybe that's what helped her break Hope's sire bond. And that Aurora lost someone, which is why it makes sense she's lashing out

    14. On Killing Eve, Villanelle's streak of not killing people didn't last long. While on a camping trip with her church, she ended up lashing out and killing Phil and May after she overheard them talking about her.

    Villanelle outside a tent and overhearing May tell Paul that Villanelle is the devil

    15. And finally, Good Trouble returned with Season 4 this week. The new season picked up directly after the Season 3 cliffhanger and featured Callie finding out that Tommy was actually guilty of murder, and realizing that what she's doing right now, working for Kathleen, isn't what she always dreamt of doing.

    Callie telling Jamie she needs to make some big life changes

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!