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    "The Dropout" Is An Incredibly Wild Tale, But The Real Story Might Be Even Stranger

    Yes, Elizabeth Holmes really did talk with that deep of a voice.

    Warning: This post contains brief mentions of suicide and sexual assault.

    Watching someone rise to the very top and then fall all the way to the bottom in the most dramatic way possible makes for great television — which is why The Dropout is so addictive.

    But learning that almost all of the major events from the show are true, is even juicier.

    Here are 15 of the wildest moments from The Dropout that actually happened in real life.

    1. Elizabeth Holmes first met Sunny Balwani on a trip to China when she was only 18.

    Elizabeth and Sunny practicing Chinese

    2. Ian Gibbons really died by suicide.

    Ian Gibbons arguing with Elizabeth

    3. Elizabeth Holmes was sexually assaulted as a sophomore in college.

    Elizabeth coming out of a party house bedroom after being assaulted

    4. Elizabeth's former Stanford professor was one of the first to report her fraud.

    Stanford Professor looking critically at Elizabeth

    5. Don Lucas — the cowboy-like venture capitalist — was actually that rich, and invested in Theranos, and served on the board for years.

    Don Lucas wearing a cowboy hat and listening intently to Elizabeth

    6. Yes, Elizabeth Holmes really did talk with that deep of a voice.

    Elizabeth standing up in front of everyone

    7. Sunny Balwani really did follow the Walgreens lab consultant to the bathroom.

    Sunny following Kevin to the bathroom to keep an eye on him

    8. Elizabeth Holmes was truly obsessed with Steve Jobs.

    Elizabeth standing in front of the mirror wearing all black

    9. The green juice obsession is real.

    Elizabeth drinking green juice obsessively

    10. Elizabeth did successfully fool Walgreens.

    The Walgreens executives looking confused after they lost a deal

    11. Elizabeth Holmes's brother, Christian, did also work for Theranos.

    Elizabeth with her family at Christmas

    12. Richard Fuisz did actually live next door to Elizabeth when she was a child.

    Richard looking critically at young Elizabeth

    13. Elizabeth did actually drop out of Stanford at only 19.

    Elizabeth tearing up while talking to her mom

    14. Former Secretary of State George Shultz did actually serve on the Theranos board.

    George Shultz talking to Elizabeth about Theranos

    15. And he did have a grandson named Tyler who joined the company through the recommendation of his grandfather.

    Tyler Shultz asking Elizabeth for a job

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